Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Stationery and Snoogle

I'm fortunate in that my grandmother (mom's side) writes me a letter several times a month. I treasure her letters! She tells me about her days, the weather in TN, how her garden in doing and how much milk/gas costs. She is a frugal lady and doesn't care much for frivolous gifts.

When I moved to Oregon, I started a tradition of sending her stamps for Christmas (quite the practical present!). This year, I thought I would send some lined stationery to accompany the stamps. Well, guess what?! It is incredibly hard to find stationery these days!

I checked at Target, at Hallmark and at a stationery store! All I could find was thank-you cards and invitations and small card-stock note cards. No boxed sets of writing paper and envelopes.

And for some reason this shocked me. I was amazed that the advent of the personal PC has caused us to stop hand-writing letters to the degree that stores no longer stock writing-paper sets.

Anyway, I got over my shock when I found some lined stationery at my local drug store (of all places!) but it was a wake-up call to remind me how quickly things change.

(And part of me laughs at the thought of me as an old lady saying to my grandkids, "In my day, we had to write each other letters. We didn't have those new-fangled computers when I was a youngster!)

On another note, I broke down and purchased a snoogle pillow. Oh! I"m so glad I did!! I'm sleeping much more comfortably. So thanks to everyone who recommended this very wonderful pillow.



Stacey said...

Glad you like the Snoogle. I love it. :)

I am surprised it's so hard to find stationary. I think certain stores would definitely have it. I never buy it myself as I find that I can type quickly and handwriting is hard on the wrists. Ahhh technology... :-P

That's so nice that your grandmother writes you so often. :)

Anonymous said...

I LOVE that your grandmother writes you letters. My grandmother passed when I was five and I am thinking what a treasure those letters must be. Glad to hear you're sleeping more comfortably too!

Momai said...

Our local Barnes & Noble has a great selection of stationery. You might want to try there next year!