Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Harry Potter Scarf

Knitting is my thing. I love, love, love it and spend a lot of time with it. But occasionally, it gets me into some trouble.

This latest project is an excellent example. My childbirth educator called me up last Thursday. She told me that her son's birthday was coming up on Tuesday (today) and that he was a huge Harry Potter fan. For his birthday, she actually sewed him a mock invisibility cloak (how cool is that!!). And she asked me if I could knit her son a Hogwarts scarf.

Well I was so tickled to be asked that I immediately said "Yes" if she would buy the yarn. She gave me the yarn late Thursday night. She asked what she could pay me and I waved her off and told her that I would knit it for her and her son as a gift.

Since then, I have been a knitting-obsessed crazy person. You might ask yourself, "What does a crazy knitter look like?" Well, she will say things like, "I really need to pee but first I need to finish this row" or "I'm really hungry but first I need to finish this section". And she will knit like the wind from morning until night with a glazed look on her face.

She will measure the time it takes to knit a row and a section and then do all kinds of weird math in her head in order to calculate how many more hours she has to knit before she can go to bed. When she finally lies down at night, she will have ice packs on her swollen, pregnant wrists. And when she sleeps, she will snort and whimper and say things like "knit one more" in her sleep.

What made this project particularly challenging was the fact that I decided to knit a tube in the round and sew up the ends rather than knit a plain stockinette scarf. I wanted this smooth look and didn't want the scarf edges to curl. Perfectionism and a four-day timeline are not happy bedfellows.

But I am so pleased to show you my finished Harry Potter scarf.

I am going to ask that the Mom NOT let her son see the scarf or open the gift in my presence. If he ignores it or doesn't like the scarf; if he gets it filthy dirty or tries to flush it down the toilet, I might end up having a Linda Blair Exorcist moment. I choose to stay in the happy bubble of my own imagination where the boy absolutely adores it and wears it until he leaves to go to college.

PS - I know that in the later movies, the Hogwarts scarves look different. Yet the little birthday boy is still only watching the early movies and wanted a scarf like this.

[31w, 1d]


Dee said...

It's wonderful! You did an amazing job! Be careful. You might start getting requests for more Hogwarts Scarves.

Ethan Barry's Momma said...

Wow...You are amazing!!! Such dedication to a sweet cause. :)

Lynanne said...

Awesome! If they weren't such a hassle you could sell them on ebay. Isn't there a new HP book coming out later this year?