Monday, February 05, 2007

You know this is your pediatrician when. . .

. . .she asks your knitting-obsessed wife if "she felts". We stopped in to check out a pediatrician's office we had on our list and to set up an interview with the doc this afternoon. While chatting with the receptionist, the doctor happened to walk out and say she'd be happy to visit with us then as she wasn't busy at the moment. We had a wonderful visit with her and she did/said all the "right" particular, she was very animated and expressive as she spoke with us. The practice is comprised of only this doctor and her partner so we really liked the small office personality of the place.

As we were leaving, the doctor saw Wendy's purse (which Wendy had knitted for herself) and asked Wendy if "she felts". Now, for you non-knitters (like me), you may be a bit mystified by this question. However, Wendy gasped with delight and proudly said that yes, she had felted that purse herself. Felting, as my layperson's defintion has it, is throwing the thing you knitted into the washer after you finish knitting it so that it shrinks up and looks more like a solid piece vs. an actual knitted item (yes, there's a more technical definition, but hopefully you get the idea). Anyway, Wendy and the doc proceed to have this lovefest about how they both love to knit and the doc is even a "spinner" (spins her own yarn from wool/alpaca/cotton or whatever).

So...guess who's our new pediatrician? Dr. Knits-A-Lot! Hallelujah!

- Karen

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Kathryn said...

I'm glad you found someone you like!