Monday, February 05, 2007

Weekend News

Friday I had an OB appointment. I'm measuring right where I should be - 28cm for 28 weeks- and my blood pressure is good at 102/64. I had my blood drawn to check for gestational diabetes and anemia. I should get the results today or tomorrow.

Then we had some leisure time at our nearby Starbucks. We LOVE to sip our decaf coffees and read and hang out there. I'm reading "Diaper-Free Before 3" by J. Lekovic which Stacey & Angele recommended. And I'm reading "Good In Bed" by Jennifer Weiner which is frivolous and fun.

Saturday we made our requisite Babies R Us visit where we bought this adorable bouncing Tigger that sings the Tigger song.

Then we went to Pottery Barn Kids where we purchased their fantastic large wooden blocks.

And I finished this cardigan for Kylie.

It was incredibly fast and easy to knit (neck down and no seaming!). I picked a bright apple green yarn to balance all the pink outfits we have. The buttons are little ladybugs. I'm certain I will knit another one of these soon except next time I'll make the sweater a bit longer and the button holes a bit smaller. You can read the knitterly facts here.

Sunday we slept late and had brunch at Denny's. You've gotta love all the grease and carbs they have there for just $5.00. At one point during the meal, I looked over at Karen and said, "Soak this in. It won't be too long before sleeping late and eating out on a whim are distant memories". But we just smiled together. It's hard to be nostalgic for the past when we are so looking forward to meeting Kylie.

Later we spent some time with friends Jeff and Heather and their son Ethan. J & H gave us even more hand-me-downs such as some burp cloths, baby socks, bottles, an outfit, a Boppy and an infant bathtub. They've been incredibly generous with us.

And they even had presents from Jeff's Mom. She gave us two outfits, a bunny and a frame. You can see these gifts here. What a sweet lady!

And last but not least, we had chili and chips & dip and fruit salad with friends Jozette and Michelle and their 15 month old daughter Jillian while pretending to watch the Super Bowl.

All in all, it was a great weekend!

[33 Babies R Us visits]


Casey said...

I love all the gift photos - your little one is so loved by so many already! That's great! Love the sweater you made - it's beautiful.

Stacey said...

Sounds like a great weekend!!! :)

Love the Tigger--so cute! And wow, what a great sweater! I love the colours and the lady bug buttons. I wish I could knit up something like that. :)

I know what you mean--it's hard to sit back and enjoy what we have now when we are so looking forward to seeing our daughter. I don't mind less sleep if it means she's in our arms. :)

Lynanne said...

What wonderful gifts and a beautiful sweater! I'm trying again to teach myself to knit. (any bets on how long it will take for me to throw up my hands in frustration this time?)

Anonymous said...

I LOVE seeing all the things that you knit! They are beautiful! I would love to learn to knit but I don't have anyone to teach me. Is it hard to learn by yourself?

Melody said...

Cute sweater. I love the buttons. Have you ever knit the 5-hour baby sweater ( Very simple pattern, minimal seaming. I've knit three of these. I don't even bother with gauge. I just knit it on whatever needles suit the yarn I want to play with today and figure it fits the baby when it's meant to fit.

BTW-- the yarn in the pic on that site really does this cute little sweater an injustice. Google for it, and you'll find much cuter versions. Also, it usually takes me closer to 7 hours, but who's counting?