Sunday, February 18, 2007

Weekend News

Karen and I saw a movie at a theater this weekend. I involuntarily snorted with laughter several times. Not a pretty sound! Of course, snorting made me laugh even more, and then I would have a little coughing fit, and then I would have to go to the bathroom. Ah... the joys!

I'm still having a bit of pain from my thumb to my wrist. It's worse while I sleep and first thing in the morning. I believe it's caused by some light tendonitis. Karen's sister, Amy, taught me some PT exercises which are really helping. It's not really slowing me down. And I think I've finally got over my cold! I'm just really greatful I didn't get the nasty flu bug that's been going around.

My sweet Dad sent me some baby gifts:

He sent these three bears. Note that each bear has his own tie! I guess Dad thought we needed a little male bear energy in the house.

He also sent this adorable sleeper

And this funny book

Thank you Dad!

I finished this cuddly, hooded baby sweater.

Yarn: Berroco Plush - 100% nylon
Needles: Size 10 circular & dpns
Pattern: Baby, Baby from the book "Minnies" by Jil Eaton
This was a great pattern. If I knit a sweater for someone else's child, this would be the pattern I would choose.

Hope you are having a great weekend!

[29w, 6d]


Ethan Barry's Momma said...

I'm glad that you had such a great weekend! Enjoy your movie theater moments now; Jeff and I haven't been to the theater together since Ethan was born.

Such nice gifts from your Dad! I bet Kylie will have sweet relationships with both of her grandpas.

I LOVE the sweater. It's precious. Speaking of sweaters...If I wash and stretch Ethan's blue cardigan while it's wet, will it stay stretched and be bigger?

Love to you both,

Anonymous said...

The sweater came out fantastic!!! Isn't it the softest and cuddliest thing there is?! To think, it will become even more so once there is a baby in it!!

Melissa said...

You have completely peeked my interest. What movie did you see that made you snort with laughter?

I too love the sweater. I just started learning how to knit and I aspire to create things like the sweater you made.

Homestead Mom said...

Hey there. I found your blog recently, and have been enjoying following along. I am 23w4d, and my partner gave birth to our daughter last Oct.

I have been having pregnance-induced carpal tunnel problems. I sleep in a wrist brace, and it helps a lot!

Very cute sweater - I get a lot of compliments on the ones I knit while waiting for DD. It was a great activity for keeping busy while waiting.


Homestead Mom