Monday, May 07, 2007


Kylie doesn't groove on the getting dressed/undressed scene. She tends to give me this look that asks, "What the heck are you DOING to me?!" while shouting out her confusion. So I tend to keep her in one outfit all day.

But dang! Baby clothes are soooo cute. I just snicker every time I see her little body all dressed up.

Today, Kylie is sporting her karate gi look. As for the pink does want a hint of color!

PS - I'm really feeling my stitches these past few days. Somebody please tell me that this will pass soon.



Kerry Lynn said...

She looks adorable! Mine are finally outgrowing their preemie clothes of which all we had were sleepers and boring onesies, so now I am able to dress madison in pretty dresses. Jackson is still in his small stuff though...needs to get a little bigger.
I don't have any advice on your stitches as I had mine the "easy" way. :-)

Kathryn said...

Sitz baths and time. Everything will go back to normal eventually.

Caroline said...

I have always thought that Kylie was one of the most beautiful babies, but swear she gets more beautiful with each picture.

Alayna said...

Yep, it will definitely get better. The healing process is no fun though. I hope you start feeling better soon!

Ethan Barry's Momma said...

I am hoping that one day, perhaps five years from now, getting dressed won't be a big deal anymore. Ethan gives me fits and now tries to actively get away every time I try to get him dressed and undressed. At Kylie's age, speediness and distraction with an object help. Once they get older, more distraction, acting as silly as you can, and singing help.

Hugs and continued recovery vibes to you.

Anonymous said...

It will pass soon. I'm with RSG. Sitz baths are fabulous! With my first, it took an entire 7 weeks or so. It got better and faster with each of my babies after that.

SJayneI said...

She's adorable. I swear she looks like Karen. :)

Casey said...

Hi - I've been out of the loop for almost a month now but I am starting to make the rounds of my "regular blogs" again and I was surprised and delighted to read all about Kylie's arrival!!

Congratulations to you both and welcome to the world to Kylie. She is beautiful...and so teeny tiny. :)

Enjoy enjoy enjoy!

Dee said...

Kylie is so adorable! I'm sure you guys are having a blast being moms.

Too funny you also felt Oil Change was a necessity. I'm a little obsessed about being overly ready. I keep trying to convince Shelly to let me hire someone to come in and 1) Professionally clean the carpets, 2) Professionally clean all of the blinds and windows, and 3) Clean the air ducts. She thinks I'm nuts.

Thanks for keeping up with us and sending us your well wishes!

Give Kylie hugs!

Stacey said...


More than one outfit? I always use one outfit a day unless Riley pees on it.

Clothing changes get easier. Now Riley smiles and talks through them.

Love the pink socks! LOL

And you will heal soon. I remember it took a lot longer than I expected. Sitz baths do really help or just use a regular bath with some epson salts. I put epson salts in the sitz bath as well. Tucks wipes are nice too for itchiness.