Sunday, May 06, 2007


So far the first twenty days postpartum have been pretty much what I expected. But I have had a few surprises.

It's incredible! I wake up totally soaked. I go through two cotton night shirts each night. The sweating doesn't wake me up but I feel so gross when I do get up. I get cold really quickly and all I want is a hot shower but there is no time for that when the baby is hungry!

This lovely, breastfeeding hormone has me really chilled out. I've been surprised that I don't really want to do much in between feedings. In fact, staring at the wall or at my belly button has become my new pastime. I'll have the thought, "Gee...I should really do this or this or this" and then I'll just sigh and go back to staring at the wall. My lackadaisical days have surprised me.

What about you? What surprised you the most about the first 20 postpartum days?


PS - Can't have a post without a picture of my beautiful daughter. You can see more pictures here


Ethan Barry's Momma said...

I also vividly remember the "Oxytocin Days". I remember thinking that it was "poor design" for BF to make you so tired when you have so much to do. All I would want to do is take a nap or just sit in the big comfy chair and vegetate.

For me, during those first few week I had absolutely no appetite. I could have cared less about food. If only that would have lasted. :)

Hang in there with the temperature issues. Very common but also very annoying. That's why they always check your thyroid at the 6 wk pp check up too.

Hugs. Thanks for the Kylie fix. :)

Anonymous said...

I vividly remember those night sweats. I had them for a good month after I gave birth. I also had the blues pretty bad. I would cry over happy and sad stuff or just plain "nothing" stuff.

Love the pics of Kylie, thanks for sharing.

Mo said...

What a great picture! She's so beautiful!! I remember feeling really chilled out after the Boy Child was born, but I really enjoyed it too. Nothing like just slowing life way down and enjoying the little things. Hope those annoying night sweats go away though.

singletracey said...

Just had to say that Kylie is beautiful! Thanks for sharing :-)

AJ said...

The night sweats, oh the night sweats. I so can remember those. I got used to sleeping on two towels, so that I could throw one out from under me halfway through the night and the second one when I got up so that the bed stayed dry.
And the breastfeeding daze, that is very odd feeling. You know you need to do things, but cannot concentrate enough to get to it. But don't worry, it does get better. As you adjust you begin to be able to function while feeding.
Kylie is too cute. Thanks for the pictures.

Gina said...

She is so gorgeous! Just a perfect newborn beauty!

Holly said...

I'll have to ask Lois about her memories of the first 20 days. I think she just kept feeling like everything was going to fall out. LOL.

Kylie is just so unbelievably adorable! She looks so perfect and so alert too!

Jeff Eberlin said...

Wow. She's amazing!!!! Finally I can see her with her eyes open.

Kathryn said...

I hated the night sweats more than anything during the postpartum period. I always felt like I had liquid coming out of every orifice I had. Hated it.

Now that I'm "Peri-Menopausal" I have them's lovely.

It will pass, hang in there.

Alayna said...

I remember being sooo grateful that my mom and Sacha were taking care of everything and I could just concentrate on getting the breastfeeding down. And for some reason, my hands and feet got super-swollen and I would lie with my feet up between feedings. And, I was so sore from the birth that I just hobbled around the house.

But we were all so happy that none of that really mattered. We just couldn't stop staring at the baby. Speaking of which, Kylie is just so gorgeous. Thanks for the photos!

Lynanne said...

Ugh...I'm going through the night sweats now myself. Other things that surprised me: hot flashes (a sign of things to come?), an insatiable appetite (more room in the belly? breastfeeding burning the calories?), baby blues (with my first I often would laugh and cry at the same time!), and mommy brain.

Love the photos!!! Kylie is adorable!