Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Night shift person

I only start feeling like a normal person around 2pm each day.

I think this is because I stay up late to get Kylie to sleep (she goes to sleep around midnight) and because I get up to do the 2-3am feed (which takes 1 1/2 hours). Karen bottle-feeds Kylie around 6am and I stay asleep. I'll roll out of bed again around 9am.

But many times, I feel grouchy and petulant until after lunch. Just like some kind of angry, third-shift person or as I told Karen today, "I'm a right foul git!"

Today, I was itching for a fight. Karen sensed the vibe and very smartly stayed clear until the clouds parted. Is this a Scorpio thing or a post-partum thing?

The smallest things will get the anger cooking. Like the cats playing too loud or the velcro on Kylie's bib making too much noise and waking the baby when I take it off. Or the persistent four beeps of the mircrowave (I heard you the first time!!!)

And I long for a punching bag and some gloves to pound out the anger. Instead, I go for a drive and play my music really loudly. A trip to the bookstore and some deep breathing also helps.

Jazzercise will also help burn off some excess emotion; I really need to get back to that exercise class.

I do have some happy news to share.

We got a nice, big lounger chair for the nursery to go with the glider that's already in the room. Many times, Karen ended up sitting on the floor while I'm nursing Kylie in the glider. So we decided to get another chair in the baby's nursery. We picked one that will someday move to the family room. And it's extra-long to fit Karen's 6ft frame. There's a picture of it at the bottom of this post.

And we got a freezer for our garage for the extra freezer space. Now we have room for pizza boxes! Hurray!



Kerry Lynn said...

I would say it's a post-partum thing...unless you were like this before getting pregnant HAHA.

I like the punching bag idea...I could really use that when the velcro from the bib wakes Jackson up.

Anonymous said...

It's post-partum and lack of sleep. You need more sleep than that, your body is still recovering from the hardest thing it's ever done. More sleep. That's the prescription.

Anonymous said...

It's totally a post-partum thing! I would offer a word of caution however...if it doesn't improve, I would mention it to your OB. It can turn into post-partum depression quicker than you think.

Holly said...

It's probably post-partum mixed with lack of sleep. It takes her 1.5 hours to do a bottle or to get her back down?
Maybe a break for an overnight?
We got really tired and cranky at one point and felt like we weren't enjoying this whole mommy thing. One good night sleep helped as we let Lois' mother take him for a night. It took her 2 days to recover from having him for a night! LOL!

Shauna said...

We put an extra chair in the nursery too. :)

The bucket that I use to soak stained laundry disappeared. You should have witnessed my hissy fit. I'm sure it would make you look like an angel. :)