Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Days fly by

I think I finally understand why my parents always said time seemed to move so quickly when I thought it was eternally slow when I was a child. Watching your child grow and change day-by-day and focusing your energy, love and attention on them is kinda like time lapse photography. The changes appear as if by magic in what seems like moments although the reality is hours, days or weeks.

Kylie is just two weeks (plus 1 day) old and it seems as if the time has flown by. Even with a few long nights thrown in, I look back and wonder at how quickly it has all come and gone. In my opinion (however biased it may be), she grows more beautiful each day as her little cheeks fill out and her arms and legs unfold. I can sit and stare at her for hours (and do) and never grow tired of it.

Was this how my mom felt? Did she hold me and stare at me while I slept? Did she gently touch my fingers and toes and feel so full of wonder and joy that she could barely breathe? Wow. Who knew? I think it really is true that becoming a mother makes you really know the love your mother felt/feels for you. It's quite a "circle of life" kinda thing and I think it's marvelous.

We're doing pretty well. Wendy and Kylie are doing much better with the breastfeeding and seem to have developed a good routine together. It's so neat to watch them. Kylie continues to gain weight and is having many more periods of alert time during the day (and night!).

Life is good. Life is very, very good.

- Karen


Kerry Lynn said...

Life IS good

The other day I was telling Jackson over and over again "I love you so much" and I said, "Do you have any idea how much I love you??? Probanly not until you have your own baby" which led to lots of tears for mommy

Ethan Barry's Momma said...

Kylie is getting more and more bias there, just the truth. :)

Time definitely passes differently when you have a child; it's as if the earth has been altered on its' axis. Enjoy every moment for one day it will feel like you blinked and ten months have passed.

Life is awesomely good!

Anonymous said... day you will realize that 21 YEARS have passed and it will feel like a long time and a short time all at the same time. My first daughter will be 21 in a few months so as I read your words about Kylie, I am remembering that 21 years ago TODAY I felt her move for the first time. (and no, I can't believe I can remember that either!)

Jen said...

Karen you have such a way with words, so heartfelt and warm. I get teary every time I read your posts (I'm sure that it has nothing to do with the face that I'm an emotional pregnant lady either!). Just keep enjoying your sweet little girl and wonderful wife. She IS beautiful!

SJayneI said...

She is absolutely beautiful by anyone's standards. I hate hearing how quickly time passes though. It's great that you are making it slow down a bit for you to enjoy her. Very sweet post!!

Keri said...

Wow. She's beautiful!! I hardly remember them being so tiny.

Stacey said...

They grow so fast! I never get tired of looking at our baby girl. :)

Gayla said...

Life is good!
You ladies are so beautiful. It was lovely to look in on how well you are doing.
Your nurse loves you.