Wednesday, December 12, 2007

All done

I'm pretty sure that Kylie signaled "All done" in sign language at the end of her dinner time last night. So cool!

"All done" is the one sign we've done consistently. This makes me want to sign more with her. Particularly the sign for milk (aka formula) since Kylie gets irritated when I offer her a bottle and she doesn't want it.

We are feeling much better from our colds. Still a bit snarky but better.

I don't know if it was the cold medicine or being housebound for several days, but I bought five ornaments at Hallmark yesterday. And I went in only to buy cards. And we already had purchased our series ornaments.

All the ornaments just looked so pretty and I went a bit overboard.

Karen and I started our relationship without any Christmas ornaments (long story there). For the past five Christmases, we've purchased ornaments together. The previous four Christmases we've had to fill the tree with colored balls to flesh it out. This year, we decided to keep the tree very simple and only use our special ornaments. I think it is quite pretty! (I can hear you Mom. I can hear you in my head saying, "Actually, it's quite bare".) Sshhhh. Be quiet.

Part of the joy we receive from our Christmas tree is watching our cat Chloe. Chloe LOVES the tree. It is her tree fort and she spends lots of time under it. Her favorite activity is to run from the tree, up the stairs, back down the stairs to the safety of the tree fort. This is done very loudly all throughout the day.

Chloe is jealous of her tree and will send away any intruders.

Kylie thinks that was quite rude.


Holly said...

I love that you have special ornaments together. I think it's so meaningful to have those special ornaments. And think of all the ones you will add to the collection with your beautiful little girl!
We keep intending on working with Andrew on signing. It's so helpful for them to communicate!

Kathryn said...

I taught two of my girls to sign, and it was quite helpful. Halsey didn't speak until she was after three (she had a speech delay,) so it really helped all of us to know what she needed when she signed.

A social worker in the making. said...

the grey kitty looks like our grey kitty henry

Ethan Barry's Momma said...

Congratulations on Kylie signing; I know that some babies are quite good at it.

I also think it's wonderful that you only have special ornaments on your tree. I, too, think it's beautiful and not bare at all. Good for you on having some ornament buying fun. It will only make your tree/fort that much more amazing.

Stacey said...

I love special ornaments. I prefer them to plain Christmas balls. I think they mean more and I love taking them out every year and remembering where they came from. :) Love the cats under the tree. Hahaha.

Lynanne said...

How awesome that she signs! Keep going with those. Some other easy signs are the ones for "more," "eat" and "drink." Our favorite sign for the toddler+ years was "sit down." It was a gentle reminder for my son when he was in a roomful of noisy, swirmy kids (story time at the library, etc).