Monday, December 03, 2007

Photo Fun

Kylie was really happy today. And that makes for a good day for me!

I noticed a few new things today. She held her bottle by herself today. I know a lot of babies do this much earlier, but Kylie has been content to just lay in my arms and let me feed her. Today, she grabbed and tipped her bottle herself.

And she reached up on her toychest shelf to get to a doll that she wanted to play with during our playtime. The whole "object permanence" thing has also started to kick in. If she drops a toy while I'm holding her, she'll lean over and look for it.

She holds out her arms when she's ready for me to pick her up.

And she's eating cottage cheese and loving it!

I had Kylie loaded in the car, ready to go to Gymboree this afternoon. I drove to the nearby interstate and was shocked to see that traffic was at a standstill. There were "delays due to flooding" signs up as well. In the three years we've lived in Portland, there has never been flooding that has affected us.

So we turned around, came back home, and I played with Kylie and the camera instead. Here you go!

Big Eyes, Big Belly

Blowing Raspberries

Look Mommy, Lint!

Finally, a smile

And an even bigger smile!


Kerry Lynn said...

HAHA, Madison loves to show me all the lint/dust bunnies she finds.

I was actually getting on to see if you guys were ok. I just heard on the news about the bad weather there. Ours is bad too. I think all the snow/rain we had today is now frozen and I have to drive home from work :-(

Unknown said...

I love how she smiles with her eyes..thats one cute kid you have there!

Lynanne said...

I hear your bad weather is headed our way. We had enough white stuff this weekend.

Love the photos as always! That belly looks absolutely tickle-able. :)

Kelly Lopez said...

I just love the picture of her blowing rasberries. She looks so happy! BTW, my daughter has that same onesie :)

Stacey said...

adorable pictures!!!