Sunday, December 16, 2007

What a foodie!

Kylie insists on feeding herself finger foods at every meal. She loves to eat her food out of one of those suction bowls that adheres to her highchair tray. And you won't believe how much food Kylie is eating these days. Here's an example:

Breakfast - around 7:00am
I feed her a gerber 3.5 oz fruit & granola mix.
She feeds herself one quarter of a banana chopped into little pieces and a few cherrios.

Lunch - around 10:45am
I feed her 3oz of a gerber "3rd food" meal like pasta primavera or broccoli and cheese.
1/2 of an american cheese slice.
She feeds herself 4oz of a fruit cup like diced pears, peaches or apples.

Snack - around 1:30pm
I feed her a gerber 3.5 oz fruit blend like apple-blueberry.
I also feed her two tablespoons of small curd cottage cheese.
She feeds herself another 4oz of a fruit cup.

Dinner- around 4:00pm
I feed her 3oz of a gerber "3rd food" meal
She feeds herself bits of mashed potato and pieces of green beans or carrots
1/2 of an american cheese slice.
I feed her 2.5 oz of a fruit like prunes or bananas or applesauce
She feeds herself some more diced fruit.

Wow!! We're so lucky that she likes everything. I hope our luck holds.

Kylie drinks water from her sippy cup at every meal. Sometimes we hold the cup for her and other times she holds it herself.

We've bought one of those floor protector pads that sits under her high chair to make it easier to clean up her dropped foods. We also recently got one of those long-sleeved meshy bibs that looks more like a artist smock. Even with rolling her sleeves up to her shoulders, she was managing to get herself quite dirty during mealtime so this smock has helped alot.

And we've learned at the end of a meal to carry her from her high chair and set her on the countertop near the sink to wipe her hands and mouth with wet paper towels. She hates baby wipes for this kind of cleaning. And actually I don't blame her--the baby wipes leave a funny tasting residue on your fingers and mouth.

Just thought I would share a part of our feeding adventures with you! And now, here's a Kylie picture!
Kylie says, "Do you have food? If so, I'm coming to get you!"


Ethan Barry's Momma said...

Wow, it does sound like you have quite the champion eater, and you are very lucky too. Ethan still won't eat fruits or veggies that aren't pureed, and he's getting mighty sick of those too. I have to think that eventually he'll grow out of these texture issues. Congrats to you!

Beautiful picture too. :)

Caba said...

I have to ask... do you still do any bottles? or were you just explaining your solids schedule? Ours are about the same age, and aren't eating nearly as much finger foods ... mostly just Stage 2 and are just starting with those puffs ...

Stacey said...

wow, that's a big eater you've got there!

the dunn family, bottles are still important at this age. Don't worry if your baby doesn't eat much solids. Ours isn't a big eater. Until they're a year old, they should still be getting a lot of what they need from their bottles.

Wendy and Karen said...

The Dunn Family,

Kylie drinks two 8 ounce bottles twice a day--one first thing in the morning and the second before she goes to sleep.

This whole seventh month I've been concerned because "the experts" say that this isn't enough formula. So we've been constantly offering formula bottles to Kylie and each time she completely refuses them. Our afternoons were getting particularly hard because we were offering her formula and she was getting irritated with us. She pushes the bottle away and squirms away and cries out when she's offered formula and doesn't want it. But she was also crying in the afternoon because she was hungry.

So we added the afternoon snack and we have a happy baby again.

As they say, you can lead a horse to water but you can't make him drink. Well this is really true for Kylie and formula. I can offer it to her all the time but she simply refuses it except for early morning and bedtime.

I've been constantly surprised at her appetite and desire for food. I started out with such small portions but she kept asking for more.

So here we are. I hear all the time that babies are on their own schedules and that they don't always adhere to textbook milestones. I guess Kylie want to transition to more food at an early age.

Hope this helps!