Thursday, December 13, 2007

Christmas wrapping

Today, while Karen was away at work, I received the last Christmas items I had ordered online. I was even able to unbox them and then add the boxes to today's recycling garbage pick-up so that all evidence of where I had shopped was removed.

Don't you love it when the doorbell rings and you know it's a delivery. It makes me run down the stairs with excitement. This freaks my cats out and sends them scurrying which adds to the fun.

While Kylie was napping, I wrapped Christmas presents in record-breaking time. Each year I plan on wrapping beautiful Christmas presents. You know the kind with the hidden tape and the tight paper that lines up perfectly and beautiful ribbon and bows.

This year, yet again, my wrapped presents look like a child wrapped them. I always get in such a hurry! It's like my old drill coach is behind me with a stopwatch screaming, "Hurray up, dang you! Faster, faster!"

So my lovely presents end up looking like crap. I take solace in the fact that soon the wrapping paper will be torn away and that hopefully no one will remember my yucky wrapping job. (But don't you always remember that person who sent you a beautifully wrapped present? Don't you secretly hate that person?)

Anyway, here is yet ANOTHER scrapbook page. I'm on such a roll with these lately. I think the paper is so fun! I purchased it at one of my favorite digital stores, Sweet Shoppe Designs.

The story, which is hard to read in such a small online picture, is how the song that plays on Kylie's Leap Frog Spin & Sing Alphabet Zoo wheel is stuck in my head.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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Anonymous said...

Cute Christmas top! I love how Kylie always has seasonal outfits.

And, yes, I love it when online shopping arrives!