Thursday, March 13, 2008


I've been feeling so blah this week. I think I got a bit run down when Karen was in Texas last week and I still haven't quite recovered. Karen's been so sweet to let me sleep late and take naps this week but I swear more sleep just makes the blahs worse some times.

I can't help but reflect that it was this time last year that I also started really slowing down--getting really heavy and slow the last month of pregnancy. Perhaps my psyche is remembering and repeating that pattern. But I also remember that in that last month of pregnancy I was really ready to have the baby. I can't say that I'm really ready to have a one-year-old. I'm doing my best to come to terms with it.

I'm dying for more comments here and on the Flickr site but I'm not writing anything particularly comment worthy. You've all been so sweet to send me a comment like, "She's such a pretty baby" and such. And I appreciate it. All of your comments mean more to me than you know.

I hope to shake the cobwebs loose from my body and mind and be more spirited soon.

But in leu of being witty or charming today, I'm posting a few more pictures. Kylie's smile is pretty enough to brighten our days without any words from me. There are a few more new pictures on the Flickr site.

Latest page--details here.


Anonymous said...

I really like the new layout you put up. The colors are fantastic, and the circles do a great job of balancing each other.

I know what you mean about the blahs. We all get them, and sometimes they last longer than other times, but they always go away eventually. There is a light at the end of the tunnel :)

Thaya is desperately trying to peek over the side of the laptop to get a peek of Kylie :)

Unknown said...

Well, I suppose that since you're asking for comments, I might as well stop stalking the beautiful pictures of your daughter and actually say something. :)

As far as the "blah"s go, I'd suggest trying to get a little exercise (go for a nice gentle bike ride if the weather clears?) and focus on getting some time for something like a little meditation with some music or just going out and standing in the rain for five minutes to focus in on all the sensational reaction. Maybe get a massage! :D

Shauna said...

I did the ring assignment too but your experience shows in yours. I was not happy with mine at all. May give it another try later.

Anonymous said...

I'm a lurker but always enjoy coming and looking at your beautiful pictures. You seem to always have such good, cute pictures. Kylie is a doll!
Sorry that you are having the "blahs"! Hope they turn around soon!!

:-) Beth

A social worker in the making. said...

I wonder if they are winter blahs I have them too.Beautful baby

Caroline said...

Even though I don't comment as much as I should, I do read daily. Hope you are feeling better soon. Keep your chin up.

Is it just me or does Kylie all of a sudden look so grown up. I love her little jeans.

Anonymous said...

I really love your blog. I have followed along with you all this year and rarely posted. You are so generous to share your life and beautiful baby! I will try to post more so you know how special I think you all are...whether it is words, pictures or scrapbook pages, you always brighten my day! As my kids are getting older it is such a joy to follow along on Kylie's journey! Thankyou, Lisa from California.

Lynanne said...

It just occurred to me why Kylie suddenly has that little girl look - it's the gorgeous locks of hair! Did it just grow 3 inches or are you combing it differently?

I hear you on the blahs. I think it's a combination of the long winter, change in daylight hours, illnesses dragging on and on and on. I feel it with my almost 1 year old too. It seems like a monumental milestone. I look forward to it but mourn it at the same time. It's almost like the end of pregnancy - a change that's exciting yet a little scary. A new year, a new stage, a new season. Hang in there!!

Audra said...

Have you had some "you" time lately? I recently went through a case of the blahs and after a day by myself, wow! I still felt a tad blah, but much, much better.

and of course those photos are absolutely adorable. I love her little toothy smile!

f said...

Are you close to Portland? Have you seen Urban Mamas?

Apparently they have fun activities, mom groups, political info, mom and baby clubs, mom crafting stuff.

Also - not sure if you saw my comment on the last post. I have lots of questions to ask if you want to talk, but don't know where to start!

No pressure, but I know that sometimes thinking of new topics all the time (and new food for the family, and new activities, and new everything) can be draining. Just casual things, like how you two met, what you've seen in yourself or Karen since welcoming Kylie, maybe your best vacation together, funny moment between the two of you.. you both just seem so awesome and we like getting to know you!

But it's the March Blahs. Taste of spring, but not yet... lots of being cooped up at home, no real break from being a full time mama for a while. Anyway! We love photos of the little one!

Anonymous said...

I'm trying to get over my shyness and comment more on other people's blogs - so here is a good place to start! My partner and I also live in Oregon, and have been following your blog since your pregnancy. You guys got pregnant right when we started 'trying', so you were always an inspirational 'next step.' :-) And Kylie really *is* beautiful.

Anonymous said...

I told you I'm a newbie at this - my name thingy didn't even go through. Okay, I'll try again.

Holly B. said...

I absolutely love that scrapbook page and photo of Kylie! Well done!
(Neighbor Heather's cousin)

Stacey said...

Love that chair picture where she looks like she's yelling. LOL

Sorry you're feeling blah. I think it's winter. :( We're all ready for spring.

Ethan Barry's Momma said...

I definitely understand the "blah " feelings. Fatigue can be a factor, but I think that milestones can be too. It's so hard to believe that Kylie is almost "1". Instead of a baby, she looks like a little girl to me now...a beautiful little girl.

Hang in there and know that you are thought of and cared about.

The Maven said...

Kylie is so gorgeous! I love her smile, too! It made *me* smile, and I could use that after an exhausting day at the museum.

I understand what you're saying about not being ready for her to turn one. We have three boys, the youngest being 17 months old now. I cried at least once on the eve of their 1 year birthdays, as ridiculous as that may seem. But then I remember how fantastic/hilarious/adorable toddlers are. You'll enjoy it tremendously :)

Holly said...

Hey! I'm commenting!
I always love the pictures! You are so wonderful to keep posting so many amazing pictures!

She looks like she has so much life and happiness!

Stef said...

Maybe the lack of sun? I get that way when thre is a week or tw of no sun here.. or just a week or so of blah.. just make sure to just keep getting yourself up, taking everyday as a new day.

I am here, I check your site about every day.
SOrry that my blog is so boring !! Mine has kind of turned into a griping blog right now, so hopefully my felings will change sooner or later.

Take care... and that little girl is soo cute!!!!

Anonymous said...

Well I come here every single day and check out the new Kylie pictures. I mean, my baby is now 15 and I love getting to watch your girl grow up! If you're anything like me, you'll cry on her birthday and marvel at the differences in her as well. You are doing a great job even with the 'blahs' and I'm wishing for sunny weather too. Come on Spring!

Elin said...

Hiya hun,

Im sorry to hear that you are feeling blahh, I agree its the winter. I really hope things pick up for you soon.

And ps Kylie really is a beautiful little baby girl!

((((((((hugs)))))))) xx

E and M, jumpingoutoftrees said...

We love watching Kylie and seeing her changes. Thank you for taking the time to share your family with ours.

Michelle said...

She's getting so big and more and more precious!! You must be so proud!