Sunday, March 16, 2008

Feeling better

Thank you for your encouraging comments. I do feel better now. I've worked out a few times (endorphins always help) and I'm delighted to see the beginning signs of Spring around me.

Here in Portland the daffodils and cherry trees are blooming. This past Fall I planted some tulip bulbs in my small backyard and they are actually coming up! The fun part is that I have no idea what color of tulips I bought so each bloom will be a cheery surprise.

Sweet Kylie was either teething this weekend or caught a stomach bug because she had quite an upset tummy. Let's hope she'll feel better tomorrow because tomorrow is her 11 month birthday!

Francesca commented on my last few posts with some suggestions on some writing topics so stay tuned for those. And Celeste tagged us for a meme so stay tuned for that as well.

Until then, I leave you again with my grateful thanks, and of course, a scrapbook page!


Anonymous said...

i just caught up on your last several posts. wow kylie has gotten all grown up! one year is shocking. i think it gets to be even more fun as they really start to interact and chase after their environment. since i did read so many at first, if it's not too annoying to go back in time, i work in a doctor's office (but not for them thank goodness) and you know i'm not gay. between my experiences with the staff at my doc's office and my own and my son's pediatrician, i have to say it may be a general trait of office staff. they always seem to put a nitwit at the very front and always someone pissed off to answer the phone. the nurse who gives my son the shots and the doc are excellent but the rest of the staff seem very mad to be there and rather irritated that i've spoken to them. luckily, i don't deal with them much. i'm sorry if it was a gay-hating moment but i have a feeling it's just her general personality. hope your blahs lift. i think i still get blahs from back east long winters and i've been in the sun a long time now. tis the season. anyway, i love love love the pix of your not-so-wee one and am amazed at the community of commenters. you really add something to the world, it's not just for you. thanks for sharing! lisa O in San Diego (heather's friend)

Anonymous said...

Hi there
I happened upon your blog by accident and just wanted to say how amazingly beautiful your little girl is! :)
You and your partner have done a wonderful job there.
My partner and I know too well how difficult and rewarding it can be raising a child in a same sex relationship. We have a 20mth old son Finn.

thankyou for sharing your story with the world.
L&B&F Tasmania, Australia

Alayna said...

Hi there! I guess I still must be a little sleep deprived, because I meant to comment on your last post and then somehow didn't do it. I'm so glad you're feeling better now and also so sorry you were having a difficult time :( We're usually around, so don't hesitate to give a call if you ever want some company or just someone to talk to...

f said...

Awesome :-) Glad the funk lifted a bit and the old Wendy is back in town. LOVE that purple. It's the epitome of a spring baby!