Friday, March 07, 2008

That's new!

Thank you for your comments on the pediatrician post. I loved hearing from you. I'm going through the recommendations and am confident I will have a great doctor soon.

Miss Kylie did something new and funny today. She pulled her left arm out of her feeding smock. She did it fast too! And then for the rest of the day, she was pulling her left arm out of her shirt. She was wearing a loose shirt so it was easy for her to do. She was determined that her left arm be bare. It was funny! If she does it again, I'll get a picture of it.

I was just thinking that one of her milestones for this month was that she is getting more helpful in putting on her clothes (when she wants to). It's like she understands that her arms need to go through her shirt or her jacket and so she helps hold them up and quickly pushes them through.

Now her pants are another story. She will wiggle and kick just like any other almost-1yr-old when it comes to putting on her pants after diaper changes.
Here is the wiggler/giggler.

I know I just posted these walking pictures. But I stayed up late finishing this scrapbook page and wanted to share it with you. Details are here.


Anonymous said...

I love this page! I think the whitewash over the paper really makes it. What a great series of photos. Do you take the photos with a page in mind, create a page around photos, or a little of both?

Audra said...

I love all of your pages! So beautiful!

Wendy and Karen said...

Hi Meg! Thanks for your comment.

I'm usually taking pictures to document Kylie's day-to-day life. Every once in a while, I get a picture that I really like. Then I'll ask myself, "How can I best showcase this picture?"

Or I'll have a story in mind that I want to document and I'll look for some pictures that best tell the story.

Usually, for me, the pictures and the story go hand in hand.

Then begins the process of getting them on the scrapbook page. I think of a scrapbook page as makeup for a pretty face; the makeup (the paper, elements, title, etc) should add to the face but not overwhelm it. I always hope that the photo is seen first on the page and that you are drawn in to read the story attached.

Many times, I end up with not enough "makeup" or too much. I'm still learning.

I guess you can tell that I've become addicted to digital scrapbooking! I find it the best way to spend my free time. I like using the creative side of my brain and I like the tight framework of the 12x12 box. And I like telling stories of Kylie's life.

I hope you'll like it too. You take such beautiful photos. You have a really wonderful eye for things. I would LOVE to see the pages you would create.

f said...

That is a beautiful series with a beautiful girl.

Glad the suggestions were helpful or at least you know that the whole doctor thing is totally ok to be worried about as a mom :-) You want your family to be loved in that space, not just tolerated. I'm sure you will find someone but I feel your pain that it's an added step to consider.

She is growing up so quickly. Those scrapbook pages are going to be a family heirloom. What a gift.

Stacey said...

That's cute about the sleeve. Riley is sometimes helpful with changing (not diaper changes though--she is impossible for those). I think it was cute when she started getting the hang of it. She'd be holding something in her hands and would know to swap hands when I needed to put that arm in the sleeve. For pants, I usually do something silly like make a weird nose while her leg goes through and then do a kind of, "Oh! There it is!" at the end. It sometimes distracts her enough. :P