Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Rocking chair

I spent most of today rocking a sick baby.

When we were at Gymboree yesterday, one of the moms told me about how her two little ones had gotten a 24-hour stomach virus and how horrible it was. Upon seeing my raised eyebrows, she went on to assure me that her daughter that was playing near Kylie was feeling much better and she was sure that she wasn't contagious.

Yeah, Right. As graciously as I could, I moved Kylie away and onto another play area. But it seems that the damage was done.

Last night at 3:30, sweet Kylie vomited for the first time in her life. (Sorry to write about vomit but hey, it is a mommy blog).

And for the rest of the day, she just didn't feel well.

I tried very hard to think Christian thoughts about the mom at Gymboree.

Kylie ate very little but stayed hydrated (I hope) all day. But she just did not feel like playing. So she spent most of the day curled up on me as we rocked away--talking, watching lots of Baby Einstein, and reading her stories. I pulled the gliding footstool out of the closet so that we would be more comfortable. And we just rocked and rocked.

Even though I was deeply worried, I tried to soak in the sensations of Kylie wanting me to hug her all day. I studied her hair, her eyelashes, her nose, her eyes, her entire face. I gave her lots of neck kisses. I gave her lots of strokes and pats.

Today was a hard day for both of us but it was also bittersweet. For awhile I was holding a baby again and not an active toddler.

And tonight, I made this scrapbook page.

Let us hope and pray that Kylie feels much better tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry she got that awful bug. When Thaya had it, I felt so helpless. I'll never get over how insensitive some people can be, not only towards other people, but their own kids!

I hope she is feeling better soon, it was a nasty one, that bug...

LOVE the page by the way :)

Audra said...

Oh noes! How irresponsible of that mom to bring the baby a day after a stomach flu! I hope she feels better!

Soupy said...

Oh how thoughtless of that mommy ! Poor Kylie! I hope she feels better soon- but I know how you feel - it is just such a wonderful feeling to "want to be" snuggled with.
Throwing up babies are no fun - it just hurts to watch them suffer.

(and I have to add, that pic of her in the garden doing "Nell" last week had me peeing in my pants laughing! I loved it!)

you have such a pretty girl- I hope she is full of spunk soon!

Anonymous said...

On the positive side I think most Immunologists would agree that exposing your child to bugs like that when they're young provides a 'kick start' to better train their imune systems. Over protecting your child from germs has long lasting effects...even though it's so hard to see them go through it when they're so helpless it' beter in the long run.

Be careful with those baby DVDs:


Stacey said...

Sorry she was sick but look at it this way, she has to go through it at some point. It's easier when they're little to get it all over with. Riley has gotten countless colds and some fevers, etc. this winter and although it sucks, it is for the best. Someone told me of their friend's kid not going to daycare and then he missed out on a lot of kindergarten because he hadn't been exposed to anything. It's easier to have sick days as an infant than missing out on school later on. And we all have to get sick at some point. Builds up our immunities.

Unlike others saying the mother was irresponsible, I disagree. If her child was feeling better and had been over it for at least 24 hours, I wouldn't see any harm in bringing her kid to Gymboree. It depends on how long she claims her kid was better but she's got to leave the house at some point after her child was sick. And a lot of illnesses are caught days before they appear so I doubt she was the cause of the illness. Maybe the source that caused her kid to get sick was the same one that caused Kylie to catch it. And with little ones, a group of kids will probably pass it around so that everyone is sick at different times. I know with daycare colds go around like crazy and you can't "blame" other parents because when kids are contageous, they usually don't show any symptoms of being sick. It's usually after they catch it that you realize they had been spreading it around.

Lynanne said...

Yes, there is good evidence that the usual childhood bugs help a child's immune system, both by protecting them later on during the school years and by reducing the risk of allergies (and perhaps even autoimmune conditions.) However, despite having studied this for years, I still have a bit of germaphobia. I still feel annoyance when parents take their children out so soon after being sick (especially with a GI bug where a child still sheds virus even though they "feel better.") My heart still aches to see my child sick and I can't help thinking back to the child throwing up in the store the day before, even though I know the incubation period isn't quite right. The logical, medical side of me crumbles when it comes to my kids. Mother's worry and feel helpless. I think it might even be in our job description.

I feel for you and am hoping you have a better, healthier day!!

(btw: sitting with a sick child and watching a DVD is not bad. The studies are meant to warn parents about using the TV as an endless, mindless babysitter and dispel the myth that the products can actually make your child smarter.)

Ethan Barry's Momma said...

I hope that Kylie feels much better very soon. I know how hard it is when your child is sick. This has been nothing but a winter of illness for us.

Hugs for you all.

f said...

Aw, bittersweet day indeed. It's too bad she had to be sick to get some cuddles in, but at least you appreciated some time together while you had it. Hugs to the little one...

Anonymous said...

Hi Wendy - I am delurking. I am the mom to a 17 month old and I enjoy reading your blog - I sooo miss my little snuggly, cuddly baby - she's so much fun now just doesn't want to cuddle anymore -she's a walkin', talkin' ball of energy. Your scrapbook pages are amazing and Kylie is a doll. We both had that same bug TWICE in 3 weeks this year so I hope she is feeling beter and that you don't get it!