Tuesday, April 22, 2008

TN trip- day 6

Today Karen's Mom and Dad took care of Kylie for most of the day so that Karen and I could relax and shop a bit in West Knoxville. We sat out in the sun and read for quite a while and ended up with sunburned arms. I loved it!

You know me....I had to snap a few photos. Isn't this lovely?

Kylie playing that "shy baby game" that I wrote about yesterday.

Gaining some walking confidence.


Ethan Barry's Momma said...

Glad you could get some time for just the two of you. :)

Love the pictures, especially the one of Kylie and Karen.

The Maven said...

Glad you had some couple time. It's all too rare at our house lately, but we snag some when we can.

Beautiful pics. Little Miss Shy is sure sweet!

Audra said...

what a CUTIE!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful pictures -- thanks for sharing.


Placi said...

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You are a very likeable family.
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