Thursday, June 12, 2008


Saturday, June 14th, is our Anniversary. Karen and I have been a couple for five years now. What is amazing to me is that Karen works from home a lot of the time. And I'm a stay-at-home Mom. So there are weeks when we are together 24/7. And I don't get tired of her. I think that is freakishly cool!

Karen, I love you so very much. You continue to delight me every day. I think we are perfect together. And I hope to spend many, many more years by your side.

( gushy, I know )

If you would like to read about how Karen and I got together, you can click here and see a simple 4x6 paper scrapbook that I made for her last year.

I remember the making of this scrapbook so well. It was the first time Karen had left home for work after the baby was born and I buried myself in this project. The dining table was turned into scrapbook central. I kept 2 month-old Kylie in my baby pouch when she wasn't nursing as I looked for these images, printed them and pasted them to paper. The quality of these pictures of the book are pretty poor and the scrapbooking itself is very simple. But it was one of my first ones and I'm still exceedingly proud of it.

Anyway, Karen decides to surprise me this year with a wonderful gift. UPS delivers THIS box to us today.
Really big surprise inside!

Here is the sweet, sweet note.

And inside is an Amazon Kindle.

I just about fell over.

What an amazing gift.

Here it is next to a book I had sitting around.

It's about the same dimensions and weighs even less than this paperback.

Top Ten Reasons that this was a great gift for me. This is a long list. Feel free to blow on by it.

1. I'm a prolific reader and I read very fast.

2. I don't always have time to drop everything and run to the bookstore. This is why I always buy "extras" when I'm at the bookstore. I simply can't run out of things to read. They would have to put me in the loony bin. Anyway, now I can buy an entire book online. It downloads directly to the device, for FREE, in LESS THAN A MINUTE.

3. I buy a lot (way too many) books that are new releases which are hardbacks.

4. Kindle's versions of these new releases (still in hardback) are much less expensive than a bound book.
For example, I bought Charlaine Harris' book From Dead to Worse just a few days ago. Paid $16 for it which I thought was a deal because the cover price is $25. Kindle version is $10.

5. I tend to read a book in a few days and then take it to a book reseller. I've vowed to only keep books that I think are irreplaceable or are non-fiction references that I turn to often otherwise I would be over-run with books. The Kindle will let me store 200 books on it (and even more on my Amazon account or on additional memory cards). No more bookshelves getting too full. No more feeling gypped by the reseller.

6. As I'm reading a hardback book in bed, I often turn to Karen and say, "I wish someone would create something that would suspend a book over my head and let me read it that way" or "If I could have only one spell work it would be 'windgarium leviosa' so I could levitate this book" or something similar. I secretly think that after five years, she's hoping not to hear this same train of thought again. Afterall, the Kindle is so dang light.

7. No more weird neck strains or forearms shakes from holding a big tome like this one (1200 pages and weighs 3.2 pounds in hardback). I love this book by the of my favorites.

8. No more scrambling around for bookmarks and no more groaning when Kylie pulls one of my bookmarks out of my books. The Kindle easily bookmarks all of your books for you.

9. I'm an Early adopter

10. To be the envy of other bibliophiles.

So I'm incredibly tickled. I hope you are happy for me too. I'm off to read!

PS- This was the first book I bought for my Kindle. I read her first book and found it delightful.


Unknown said...

Happy Anniversary! May you have many more wonderful years together.
Enjoy your kindle. =)

Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary! What an exciting time for you guys :) And what a cool gift!

Your scrapbook brought a tear to my eye :)

Holly said...

Happy Anniversary! You two are so sweet!

Damn. I totally want that kindle!

Anonymous said...

You have such a beautiful family.

I can't wait to hear how you like reading on the kindle. I so much love the feel of a book in my hands.

f said...

Wow! Cool present for a very cool lady. The little scrapbook project made me cry! Simple but really beautiful and even better with the image of little Kylie in a sling while you worked. You three are so ridiculously cute! Congrats on a great five years.

f said...

PS: Wendy, have you seen Lookybook? Thought you and Kylie might enjoy a way to find lovely new picture books!

Kerry Lynn said...

Wow! What a great gift for you! Very thoughtful.
Happy Anniversary. You now share one with My sister in law :-) and Mine is the 17th.

Stacey said...

awesome gift! very cool. happy belated anniversary!!!