Thursday, June 05, 2008

Having fun

It's been so wonderful to have Kylie back to her healthy, energetic, fun-lovin' self.

Her newest skill is the ability to climb off and on this rocking toy and rock herself.
"Climbing on Mommy!"

"See, I'm on."

She's also learned how to slide feet-first out of our couches and chairs. She still needs help getting up into them but now can slide herself out without waiting for us.

If you ask her, "Where's Kylie's hair?" she'll pat her hair and then reach out and pat yours. She'll point to her dolls eyes and mouth when asked "Where's the doll's eyes/mouth?"" but will rarely point to her own. But the kiddo knows about her hair!

She's still playing the milk/juice game with us.
After a meal, we'll open the refrigerator door and offer her milk. She'll take a sip and then reach for the juice. Takes a sip and then reaches for the milk. She thinks this is too fun. I'm glad she's drinking but I also want to shut the fridge door.

I'm working on several scrapbook pages but don't have a finished one to show you. I'm also helping Karen by learning about Joomla websites so that's taking up some of my spare time. It's always nice to learn something new.

I hope you are all doing well!


Kerry Lynn said...

You are a very loving partner. I just looked up joomla and it sounds perfectly boring to me :-)

M&J point to our noses all the time then they go right to the eye. You have to be quick to close it cause they'll poke you right in it! I haven't tried hair yet! I'll have to do that tomorrow.

They are also able to climb onto stradle toys and slide down from the couch/chairs. Sounds like they're all right on track :-)

Anonymous said...

I swear the two of you had a Gerber Baby. Sometimes you capture her little face in just the right way... yelp, the Gerber baby! Anyway, just had to delurk to say... MORE MORE jammy pictures... she is just so stink'n cute in them.

A Jersey Girl said...

Karen and Wendy,

I am a first time visitor to your blog and I would like to ask a question if I might. My question is, I see that Karen had to adopt Kylie after her birth, I can then assume that in OR, Gay and Lesbian adoption is legal? And, when a straight couple has a baby, both the mother and father are legal right away. Why, are Gay and Lesbian couples permitted to both be on the birth certificate from the get-go and is this different in states with legal Gay Marriages or civil unions?

I am sorry for my nosiness, but I just don't understand and would really like to. It seems that the laws are so different in every state as far as gay and lesbian couples are concerned and I would like to understand more.

Your little girls is beautiful and you all look like great parents! Lots of Fun too:)


Stef said...

Emily, california allows gay & lesbian couples to put both their names on the birth certificate, but it is recommended to still go through the adoption process because other states may not accept the birth certificate.. SO, it is different in every state. Even in californis where gay marriage is now legal ( at least for now) so I dont know what that is going to change.

Wendy and Karen said...


Thanks so much for your comment. It's not nosy at all! And you are absolutely right. Gay rights are different from state to state.

When Kylie was born, we didn't request an official state birth certificate right away. We just went home with the "mom's copy" which had Karen's name as the other parent. (This is not an official document; more of a keepsake).

It's my belief that if we had requested an official state birth certificate BEFORE the adoption went through, it would have had me as the mom and "unknown' as the father/parent.

A state-sanctioned adoption is recognized throughout the United States which is why most 2 mom (including us) and 2 dad families chose to go this route.

In so many states, gay domestic partnerships are allowed and then revoked (back & forth and back & forth again). And so many states don't recognize an Oregon or California domestic partnership.

With straight couples, once you are married, you are married throughout the US but this is not true for us.

Oregon is a very gay-friendly state which is why we live here. If I had given birth in another state, Karen's adoption of the baby might have been a more rigorous and longer process- for example, we might have had to have an inspection of our home, etc.

Not being able to legally marry has so many drawbacks for gays and lesbians (too many to list here). But here are a few examples:

I had to have a legal medical power of attorney agreement drawn up so that I have a legal right to be in Karen's hospital room (if she ever has a hospital stay). Without this document, the staff could refuse to let me see her or help make decisions about her because I'm not a "family member".

I have to have an individual medical insurance policy because Karen's company's insurance company doesn't recognize me as partner/wife. These individual policies are so much more expensive than group ones.

I could go on about how this effects our taxes, and other things but I need to get Kylie to bed.

Again, thank you for your interest. And feel free to send any more questions.

And please think of Karen, Kylie and I when it comes time to vote for a President and other elected officials.