Friday, June 06, 2008

Shutterfly book

Yesterday in the mail, I received this package.

Inside was my... of my May Photo a Day Project.

My cat Phoebe wanted to be in the picture.
The title is "One Moment". And the subtitle reads: Lots of play, love and smiles captured one snapshot each day.
You can click here to see the finished project or to leave a Shutterfly comment. Or if you can't get enough of Kylie from my hundreds of photos on this blog, you can buy the book.

I've ordered some for family members (you should get yours today or tomorrow). All in all, I'm so glad I did this project!


Anonymous said...

What an amazing idea. I think I am going to do something like that for Thaya before her little sister comes along.

The book is seriously amazing!

Kerry Lynn said...

OMG! It's SOOOO beautiful! I didn't realize that's what you were doing with the photos.
Now I have motivation to keep it up so I can make my own TWO books.

It really is a commitment! It's only the 6th and I've found it really hard to fit it in. Like today I didn't take pictures in the morning then a friend came over with her baby and I was snapping pictures of everyone. I put the kids for a nap after she left and went to look at the photos to find I didn't have one of Maddie!!! They were going to be asleep until after I left for work. I was bummed but luckily they cut their nap short and I was able to get some cute ones.
Maybe next month I'll focus on getting a photo a day of BOTH of them together. HA!

Audra said...

that is SO beautiful!