Monday, June 02, 2008

Kylie at the zoo

Dear Kylie,

You went to the Oregon Zoo for the first time today. You were fairly interested in the sea lion and the aquarium exhibits. But then I wheeled your stroller to the Siamangs primates (aka monkeys). I kneeled down, got your attention and pointed to a monkey who was resting on a shelf, high up in his home.

He turned his head and looked down at us. Your eyes got as big as saucers, your jaw dropped open and you reached out for him. I laughed and you tore your eyes off him for a moment and then turned back and pointed to him as if to say, “Mommy, look at him!” Your expression was priceless.

You enjoyed seeing this Asian elephant up close and personal.

And you liked watching the Lorikeet birds flitting about. But I would have to say that this was your favorite moment. A goat from the petting zoo came over and let you touch his nose. You laughed with pure joy.

We didn’t see any bears or lions or giraffes. I particularly wanted you to see the giraffes because it is one of your favorite puzzle pieces from your Jungle Melissa & Doug wooden puzzle set.

As you play with your puzzle, Momma and I will make the sounds of each of the animals as we tell you their names. The giraffe doesn’t have a sound like the elephant or lion so we stick out our tongues as if to mimic the large tongues of the giraffe. You’ve been quick to mimic us by flicking your own tongue in and out while humming (quite adorable by the way!) as you play with your giraffe puzzle piece. But there were no giraffes to be seen today. Maybe next time.

Mostly, you enjoyed seeing the other babies in their strollers and the toddlers walking and running around. You snacked on Cheerios from your snack cup and just had a grand time.


Jen said...

How sweet is that recap of your day at the zoo! That's getting me excited...Dawn and I are heading to San Diego soon for a week and we're planning to take Maddie to the zoo there. At first we thought she'd be too young to be interested but with the expressions she makes at our dogs and cats, we think she's ready. Sounds like Kylie had a lovely time!

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure how I would up here - think it was through Patti, but thought I would say hi. Your daughter is as sweet as pie and the photos are fabulous. I've had scrapbooks for years now but haven't yet created a single page - you have me feeling inspired, I sense a trip to the craft shop coming on and a little flexing of the debit card...

Best wishes to you, I'll pop by again.