Friday, May 30, 2008

Not allergies, Just a really long cold

I took Kylie to the doctor today just to get her checked out. Although, she is much better, she is not completely well.

He said her lungs were clear. And her ears are fine (I'm so glad that she's made it 2 weeks with a cold and not had it go to her ears). He did give us some eye drops and that should be a lot of fun. He wants us to give her the drops just because her eyes are still gooky and because she's rubbing them so much. The drops should keep the bacteria level down.

He told me that she's not contagious since she hasn't had a fever in a week. But dang it, she still has that runny nose so we can't go to Gymboree yet. Maybe by Monday, it will have cleared her system.

Here's two funny things that happened this week.

One. Kylie was standing in Karen's lap and Karen was asking her about her day and such. Karen said, "You have such a curly top of hair" and Kylie reached out and patted the top of Karen's hair as if to say, "YOU are the curly top Momma!"

And Two.
Karen and I were sitting in the car with Kylie sitting behind us in her carseat. We were pulling out of the garage to get some Starbucks. We leaned over and kissed one another. And we hear our little girl peal with laughter at us. We turned to look at her and she was just laughing and grinning. It was very sweet.
Here is yesterday's picture of the day.

And here is a fast scrapbook page I made for a Black and White picture challenge.

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Kerry Lynn said...

I'm glad the doc thinks she's ok. I hope the runny nose goes away before monday!

I think the 29th is my favorite so far. She looks like she's having so much fun!

I may try to do this for June.