Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Petite little girl

We had Kylie's one year appointment yesterday. Here are her stats.
Weight: 18 pounds 8 oz which is in the 7%.
Height: 29 1/4 inches which is in the 50%
Head: 45.8cm which is in the 65%

You think I would be worried about her low weight but I'm really not. She has nice baby pudge on her legs and the girl eats like crazy. You would probably be shocked if you saw how much she eats plus the fact that she wants to eat 5-6 times a day (not including bottles). I guess she has a super-charged metabolism right now and she's incredibly active.

Kylie did great for her visit. Our doctor was right on time and made Kylie smile throughout the appointment. He gave us a board book as a gift before he left. Kylie managed her three shots very well. She'll get three more in three months. Our new peds office has a different shot schedule than our previous doctor. So we are juggling a bit to catch up to the new doctor's schedule.

Kylie did two very cool things last night and this morning. As I was cleaning her room before bedtime, I was putting her toys into a plastic bin. Kylie started putting in toys as well. And she didn't take any back out. She was really on task about it. Of course I was praising her lavishly. Kiddo helping me clean her room! Wouldn't it be great if she did that consistently?!

Then this morning, she did something I've never seen. She was taking leggos out of a bin and organizing them into different piles around her rocking toy. And if she didn't like the configuration, she would move them from one pile to another. She was very serious and intentional about it. Here's a picture. And I love this expression. It's as if she's saying, "Why did you just interrupt me and ask me to smile? Don't you know I'm doing important things here."

Kylie has become quite the pointer. This started when we were in TN. She mostly does her pointing when she wakes up from a nap. I thought she was doing it in TN to get her bearings. I would pick her up from her crib and hold her. She would point to the picture on the wall on her left and then the window to her right. Then she would point to the dresser behind her and then the door in front of her. I would identify each thing she was pointing to and then she would want down. It was like she was thinking, "Okay, I know where I am now. I can get down and play."

The pointing behavior has continued now that we're home. She mostly does it when she first wakes up from a nap but she'll also do it when one of us walks into a room. She'll ask to be picked up and then begin pointing to things like she's showing them to us.

And she's started reaching for things. Her favorite way to reach for something is when I have two sippy cups near her. She'll take a sip from her milk sippy cup and then reach for her water one. She'll take a sip of water and then reach for the milk. Each time she'll bark out this little laugh like, "Ha! Gotcha to do it again!" I'm just tickled that she's drinking so I'll play along.

By the way, does anyone know what kind of bird this is. Sorry for the grainy photo. I had to enlarge it quite a bit.

Two of these birds have been hanging around the house, delighting me with their vivid yellow colorings.

Lastly, I completed a scrapbook page last night.

You'll probably have to click on this link to read the story.


lma said...
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Library Mary said...

Your crop of Nanny P is very precious.....I'm very happy for you that you've gotten reconnected. I miss my Grandma....she was the very first person in my life to pass on and it was difficult.
After loosing her, I have vowed never to let go of the people I love.
So...hang on tight to your Nanny P.

The Maven said...

Kylie looks so serious about what she's doing? Shame on you for disturbing her like that! lol

Could that be an American Goldfinch? Here's a link to a group on Flickr with many, many pictures of them:

Jen said...

My goodness, Kylie is very petite! Maddie weighed 16-3 at her last appt three weeks ago! That bird is very beautiful. I've not seen one before.

Jen said...

Oh, I just read the Nanny P story. So sweet! It made my cry!

f said...

The Nanny P story made me cry... it's so true that the little cracks in a relationship can become big divides. I'm so sorry for the time that slipped between you and grateful that you were able to introduce Kylie and spend some time as a family with her now. Thanks for sharing the story -- it's something that all of us can relate to, I think.

Kathleen said...

Hard to be sure, but I think it's a Western Tanager...

Look here to see if it's a match, you can also play the sounds to see if it sounds like it.