Tuesday, May 27, 2008

First steps

Kylie has been walking by holding on to our fingers like this for over a month.

Sometimes holding on with two hands and other times just holding on with one.

But tonight, right before bath time, we were playing with Kylie walking back and forth between Karen and I. And Kylie let go of our hands and took two steps all on her own! And they were proud steps, not just those lunges that she's been doing for a while.

We were ridiculously proud!

It may be days or weeks before she's really walking around the house but tonight she took a leap in the right direction.

Hurray Kylie!


Stef said...

Have you read any of Stephanie Meyer's books? I just read twilight, and am now on New moon. I think it is a set of four? it is about vampires and romance.. but not aot of romance.

Glad to see you guys are feeling better

Anonymous said...

Hurray Kylie!!! We are so proud of you!

Get ready to *never* sit down again, cause once she starts she won't want to stop for anything! It's ok though, resting is totally over rated :Pa

Anonymous said...

How fun. She will be running everywhere before you know it! Great Pics too!


Kerry Lynn said...

Yeah Kylie!!

Isn't the feeling of pride so awesome?? I worried that I wouldn't feel it as much with Jackson doing it second but it was just as wonderful as when Madison did it.

Madison was full time walking within a week of those first steps but Jackson is going on 3 weeks now and still not full time walking. He gets better and better every day though.

Holly said...

Way to go Kylie!
And it's all downhill for the mommies! tee hee
2 steps quickly become 10 steps and life as you know it is on its head.
I only pray isn't 1/2 as into everything as Andrew ;-)

Stacey said...


Soupy said...

YAYAY! You go, big girl!!!!!!!!!

Audra said...

yay kiley!