Monday, May 12, 2008

Milk, formula, bottles and sippy cups

Kylie has a bottle of formula first thing in the morning (this is her favorite bottle). She drinks whole milk from a sippy cup during her meals. She drinks water from a sippy cup throughout the day. She has occassional sips from a cup of watered-down apple juice that we keep in the fridge. And she drinks milk from her sippy cup at night. She still loves to drink a bottle of formula when she's in the car, particularly driving home from Gymboree. We are still using the ready-to-use Enfamil formula bottles and we use around two a day. Overall, I'm pleased with her progress.

How are you doing with this transition with your little ones?

Here is my May 11th picture of the day--Kylie eating jello.

And here is a scrapbook page I completed last night.


Shauna said...

Chicka still takes 4 bottles of formula a day. I tried her on homo milk but she just didn't seem into it. I've been wondering how to transition her. She has (very) watered down juice available to her all day.

Kylie doesn't miss her bottles?

Elizabeth said...

Edden drinks mostly water through the day, with some whole milk at meals. He nurses in the morning and evening, and several times through the night. We dropped the day bottles when we moved, and he didn't object, though he gets pretty excited if he sees a bottle, even after a few months. He was drinking at most 6 oz a day from a bottle when we decided to drop it cold turkey.

Anonymous said...

Love the scrapbook page. That is just too sweet!


MaMaMia said...

with my first, he transitioned to milk/water right away with little problem(he just didn't want the milk refrigerator-temp, so slightly warmed)
My second did not do much milk at 1 and I was concerned. I did continue to nurse him for a while, and his doctor was not concerned as he ate plenty of whole-milk yogurt and had other foods with moisture.
Both kids stopped using a bottle/pacifier at 1.

Bethany said...

Hello! I'm a lurker, I guess. My baby (b. 4-27-07) is all about whole milk. I don't want to wean him from the bottle totally until around age 2, so one day I just gave him a bottle of whole milk and that was it. He never had another sip of formula. I did these a couple weeks before his birthday, just to see how he reacted.

He doesn't like it very cold, so I just take the edge off in the warmer. For a few days, he wanted milk ALL the time, like to the tune of a 1/2 gallon a day. He also eats 3 squares a day and will eat ANYTHING you put in front of him. I didn't feel like he needed this much, so I have not been giving him milk at mealtime, just water. He now drinks 3-4 8 oz bottles of whole milk per day. Our doctor says this is fine as long as he continues to eat his meals. I hope it isn't excessive He is a normal size. Before bed, I put thing of sugar-free Mott's Summer Strawberry applesauce in his bottle to help with his potties. He then goes to sleep for 12-13 hours. He has always done this. I am afraid to have more kids! :0)

He isn't a juice boy...much rather have plain water.

hatchling said...

Hi 2 moms, I love your blog, and Kylie is so cute! I have been lurking on your great blog for sometime, unintentionally lurking, I have been too shy to post, but have finally made the transition from passive to active participant in the web... I hope you don't mind, but I have added you to the blogroll on my blog, a lesbian TTCing blog.. hopefully we'll be as blessed on our journey as you have been on yours, claire

Anonymous said...

our son has been exclusively breastfed and has only had bottles occasionally. we've gone straight to sippy cup, so he gets water in his sippy cup at meal times. he just turned 9 months. he nurses about 4 times a day now and i plan on weaning him from the boob at a year old...