Monday, May 05, 2008

Baby chair & cool toy

Karen and I got Kylie this baby chair for her birthday. I think she likes it!

"See, this is my chair. See, it has my name on it." [pat, pat, pat the chair]

Today I had an eye exam. They failed to tell me that they were going to dilate my eyes. The tech said, "Lean your head back and let me put these drops in". I did so without asking, thinking that it was the numbing drops for the eye pressure test. "Great," the tech said with a smirk. "Your eyes will stay dilated for 4-6 hours. Did you bring a driver?"

Uhhhh......NO! And thanks for the warning!

Thank heavens I survived the drive home! I took these photos later in the afternoon when I could sorta see. But as you can see, I couldn't exactly focus therefore the camera wasn't sure where to focus.

But I wanted to tell you how much Kylie loves this toy. She climbs on it, she stands on it (making me gasp which is, of course, the point), she opens and shuts the lids, she puts blocks in and takes them out. It is awesome! I don't do recommendations often but this one is worth my thumbs up.
"You betcha. My toy is sweet!"

Your eyes are WAY trippy Mommy!


Kerry Lynn said...

I LOVE her chair! It looks bigger than the ones we have for M&J.

How could they not tell you ahead of time???!!!?? I had that done once about 8 years ago and I had to sleep the rest of the day because I was so sick/nauseous/tired. I guess it's called a vagel response. I can't wear contacts because of it.
Then just a few months ago I went for an exam and the doc went to put a drop in my eye. I completely freaked out and told him he couldn't do it. He assured me this was not the dilate drop and that I would not be affected at all. I even told him that I had the vagel response but he said it wouldn't bother me. Sure enough I got all light headed, nauseous, and groggy. I had to sit in the office for quite a while before I could drive home.

Stacey said...

Aw she's so cute. And that toy looks awesome! Is that chair from Pottery Barn Kids? We have one for Riley and I'm thinking of getting a new slipcover for it because the animals and Riley have made it dirty--can't even wash it clean. :P Anyway, she LOVES her chair too.

That's so stupid that they didn't warn you about the drops!

nic said...

I have just found your blog through a friend and I am already addicted.

I started reading this months posts and then I just had to go right back to the start. I was getting so excited for you waiting on finding out you were pregnant.

I now can't wait reading all about your life with Kylie

Anonymous said...

Ah, american suburbia...

Anonymous said...

I LOVE the chair! Did you get it from Pottery Barn? We want to get Thaya a chair - I was thinking a bean bag, but after seeing how much Kylie loves her formed seat, I'm thinking maybe that route. We'll have to get two of course, don't want baby Bree to feel left out!

Wendy and Karen said...

Yep, it's a Pottery Barn Kids "Anytime" Chair. Kylie is loving hers.

Wendy and Karen said...

Whoops...that's supposed to be "Anywhere" chair.