Monday, July 07, 2008

Birthdays & belly buttons

This past Sunday was Ethan's 2-year birthday party. Ethan is the beautiful son of our friends and neighbors Jeff & Heather.

I remember his first birthday quite well from last year because it was the first time we had taken Kylie to a party.

She looked like this last year:

And this year:

And Ethan looked like this:

And now this:

It's so amazing!
I was proud of Kylie at the party. She held her own with the older kids and played very well. (Kylie is tall for her age but I think she looks like a tiny munchkin next to these 2-year olds.)

And it was just so sweet to be a part of another of Ethan's momentous milestones. I think children's birthday parties are so fun. I simply love to watch kids tear into their presents.

One new thing I wanted to report was that Kylie has become obsessed with belly buttons. Or as she calls them "beh-buh". She pulls her shirt up several times a day to touch her belly button and pronounce its name. She then pulls my shirt up or Karen's shirt and sticks her finger in our belly buttons and laughs.

In fact, she wanted to flash everyone at the party her belly button several times.

I should have put her in a onesie and shorts rather than a dress!

We had a busy weekend but I did manage to finish this page-- still knocking out those April TN pictures.

Details are here.

Lastly, thanks to everyone for your comments on the recent scribbling post!


Ethan Barry's Momma said...

What a wonderful entry. Thanks for posting the great pictures and for being such a wonderful part of the party. Kylie was wonderful and definitely "held her own" with the big kids.

Dee said...

It's amazing to see the difference a year makes. Kylie is, of course, adorable. And so is Ethan.

Anonymous said...

My son is obsessed with my bellybutton. We got the "Belly Button Book" by Sandra Boynton and he loves it. Maybe Kylie will too?

Kerry Lynn said...

UGH! She's so beautiful! That hair is just so great. The lighting in the first photo of her from this year is delicious!!

Stacey said...

Wow, what a difference a year makes. It's always crazy to see it in pictures like that. I love her hair!

Soupy said...

She is a doll! K is OBSESSED with her bee bo (belly button) , too! And ours! LOL I love your little K - I wish ours would wear dresses without fussing