Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Observant, clean and alien

When we take Kylie to the mall, she is keenly observant. You can practically hear the wheels whirring in her head.

After walking around the mall a bit, we took her to the little, mall play area. I gave her whispered instructions to not catch a cold or a virus. What does she do? She crawls over to the only place in the carpet that had a piece of embedded gum and proceeds to pick at it. That's my girl.

I did manage to lure her away and she played a bit on the various props. All the kids around her were much older and very rambunctious. I'm continually impressed with Kylie's ability to not get overwhelmed in situations where there are a lot of kids and noise. Even when one child started to play with her hair, and then another slightly pushed her away from a prop, Kylie just looks at them as if to say, "Hello fellow human child. You are quite an interesting creature".

I've started to call her my little scientist (and sometimes my little alien--she gets this "other-wordly" look about her when she stares at you).

Anyway, here are a few photos of the day.

Mommy helping her walk across a bridge so that she can slide down the other side.

Bouncy plastic flowers--fun! fun!

And a little bit of ice cream.

You might remember this picture from our April TN trip--still trying to catch up on scrapping all of those. I've just got two left to go!

Details are here.

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