Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Fork and spoon

Yesterday, we let Kylie feed herself with a fork and spoon (with a little bit of help from us).

Here she is eating a mandarin orange:

And then a banana slice:

She is so proud of herself! And loving those cheers we're giving her.

Then we moved on to applesauce and her own spoon.

Which was also a big hit.

Come a little closer with that camera Mommy!

I'm a big girl now!

And here's another scrapbook page:

Details are here.


Shauna said...

That's amazing Wendy! I think that Chicka would just make a HUGE mess if I armed her with a spoon. :)

Ethan Barry's Momma said...

That's wonderful that Kylie liked the fork and spoon so much and had such a good time doing it!

Beth said...

That's wonderful... we started with my son a few weeks ago and now he basically insists on using utensils at all meals! :) Be careful, though, with the plastic forks. My son bit off the tong once... thank goodness he spit it right out but it was pretty scary. He does well with the baby forks, though.