Friday, July 18, 2008

Language Explosion

Yesterday was one of those day where Karen and I would meet each other's eyes over Kylie's head and smile a lot at one another. The reason for all this smiling was listening to Kylie mimic us and say lots of new words.

It started when Kylie heard our garbage truck coming down the road. Momma Karen held Kylie up to the window and said, "It's the garbage truck" and Kylie prompted said back, "Truck". Kylie said "truck" to herself for most of the morning. Our little block is a good place for the garbage trucks to circle to change their directions, so we saw lots of garbage trucks going yesterday. Each time Kylie heard the a truck, she wanted to be held up to the window and she would say, "truck" again.

But she also mimicked us and said these new words:
pop- while pointing to her pop beads
poot- I'll let you figure that one out.
baa- when she picked up her toy sheep and
woof woof- when she saw a dog

Those last two she said on her own without us saying them first. The next few days will tell if any of these words are official "learned" words but it sure was fun hearing her talk so much.

I had fun making this scrapbook 2-pager last night. The journaling is from Kylie's 15 month letter update.

Details are here.


Mystic said...

Kylie iss sooo soo adorable!! I want a babyyyy!!! :)


Ethan Barry's Momma said...

I love "language explosions". Ethan is in one right now. Isn't it just the best to hear our kids say new words...I love it! Wait until she surprises you with some real whoppers. I haven't blushed too badly yet, but I know my time is coming. :)

Love your sb page too.