Thursday, November 20, 2008

A few new cool things

While Kylie was chalking on her chalkboard, she reached her arm up and said "High" as she chalked as high as she could reach.

While using my Brown Bear storytelling kit, Kylie said "teacher" when she saw the teacher figure.

Kylie did a log roll on the floor and said "roll" as she rolled back and forth.

She said each of these things without any prompts from us which makes it all the more amazing to us.

She's enamored with three new ways of playing.
1. she LOVES play-doh. She likes to pick out her own colors thank you very much!
2. she likes to play the on-off game with two flashlights. I'll ask, "Can you say on?" and Kylie says "On!" I'll turn one flashlight on and then she'll say, "Two!" and I'll turn the second on. And then I'll sing a little tune and make the flashlights dance on the wall. This has the added benefit of freaking out the cats. Then I'll say, "Can you say off?" And Kylie will scream "Off!" We do this several times in a row at least twice a day.
3. She likes taking different stuffed animals and putting them under a metal mixing bowl. Then she ever-so-lightly knocks on the bowl. If I'm doing it with her, I'll knock as well and say "Teddy are you asleep? May we come in?" And then I'll flip the bowl and applaud, "Hurray Teddy is awake and wants to play!"

Not so good news: Kylie has become addicted to Blues Clues. We have one Blues Clues DVD. I made the mistake of playing it for lunch and sometimes dinner when Karen was out of town last week. And quick as that, now Kylie demands to watch it during her meals.

I usually have music on as we eat and play (the house gets too dang quite otherwise). But I thought there would be no harm in having a little children's program instead. Boy was I wrong. I am shocked at how quickly she wanted to incorporate the tv into her regular routine. So when I refused this week to play it, except for one show at the end of the day, she's had quite a few tearful sobbing moments pointing to the mini dvd player and begging for, as she calls it, "Toos, toos".

It really is a bit freaky how Kylie can already say: Barbie, Dora (she has several Dora books but has never seen the tv show), Blues Clues and Elmo. She has an Elmo doll but I think she's only seen Elmo on tv once. The funny thing is that she says "Elmo" in a very high-pitched voice--just like Elmo's voice so he must have made quite an impression.

PS--I hope to take and post some fresh pictures soon. Have a great weekend everyone!

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Lynanne said...

Isn't it amazing how much a child's vocabulary takes off at this age? You can almost hear the connections zipping into place in their little brains. It really is a fun age. Enjoy!