Monday, February 23, 2009

Finding my silly

Yesterday started out as a good day. We had some wonderful fun at the playground. Kylie would go down the slide and I would catch her before she hit the puddle of water at the bottom and then twirl her around. She would laugh and would run to the slide stairs to do it again.

But then Kylie missed her usual nap. I put her down but she refused to sleep. And our normal schedule went careening off the tracks. At one point around noon Kylie gave me this look like, "What do we do?" and I answered "I have no idea". Should we go out to eat? Should we try the playground? Should we try someplace new? My mind bounced around and couldn't decide. I was frozen with indecision.

I was also reeling because Kylie woke up at 7am instead of her usual 6-6:30am. So my mind was filled with panicked thoughts like, "Oh no! She's going to give up her naps and decide to stay up all day! Wouldn't it just figure that she would decide to do that while Karen's away on business and I'm by myself. All of our routines are going to change!"

Can't you just hear the chattering, panicky monkeys screaming all at once in my head?

So we stayed at home and made half-hearted attempts at eating and playing. Finally, at 1:30 Kylie and I both got naps. But instead of waking up refreshed, we both woke up feeling sluggish and churlish.

Late in the day, she asked me for "Elmo" and I though "Heck yeah. You escape into the absorbing world of Bert and Ernie and I'll escape into my book". I know it's been a bad day when I use television as a babysitter.

At 6:30 I crashed on the couch with my knitting. Usually when I have a bad day, I'll watch a Austen movie like Sense and Sensibility or Pride and Prejudice. Those movies are like a sweet balm to my spirit. But I was too dang lazy and despondent to even get up off the couch.

So I ended up hitting the DVR button and turning on a recorded Supernanny. Which was exactly what I needed.

As I was mentally reviewing the day, I kept thinking, "What could I have done differently?" And I just wasn't coming up with any good answers.

But then I heard Supernanny say, "She needs a parent who will be fair, funny and silly with her". And that was it. That was the answer. I had completely and utterly LOST MY SILLY.

This revelation brought a big smile on my face. Already my mind was putting down the self-deprecating thoughts and was filling up with ideas on how to be silly.

What a relief to have found my silly again! So in the spirit of silliness, here are some pictures of me horsing around at the Olympic Museum in Toronto back in 2004.

At Disney in 2005

And with my darling girl in the Fall.

Now go out and be silly!


skichik79 said...

My little one dropped her naps on saturday and on sunday ... it was scary I thought OH NO!! she will never nap again ! but I was wrong .. she had her usual nap at the babysitter's today ... phew ! isn't it scary when they change the schedual ??

Lynanne said...

I'm so glad I'm not the only one who's thrown off when the little one(s) refuse to nap.

I giggled at the photos. You should photoshop Kylie over the weights. Some days that's what mommyhood feels like. :)

Audra said...

It's amazing how quick we can lose our silly! This post reminded me that I need to loosen up!

I was wondering, I remember last year you recieved a Kindle, right? I'm thinking about buying one, but the price tag has me tettering. Do you still use it? Do you like it?

I really want to free up my shelf space, and be a bit more green. :)

Kerry Lynn said...

You're awesome. Those photos are a hoot.
I'm just about to write a post on how M&J are taking up to an hour and a half to finally fall asleep after I put them down for their nap. I so hope this doesn't mean they're giving it up!!

Wendy and Karen said...

Hi Audra,

I hope you check back here for your answer.

Buy the Kindle!!!!

I love mine. I use it every day and I have no complaints, only raves. I read a lot of new popular fiction. If I bought hardbacks, I'd be spending $15-25 per book. With the Kindle, I only pay $9.99. And other Kindle books range $5-10.

I love that I'm no longer taking up shelf space, especially for those books that I fly through and have no interest in keeping. I love how green it is.

And I have to admit, I love showing it off. Every time I read in public, someone asks me to show it to them.

I'm sure you know that it holds a ton of books. But you can always delete a book off your Kindle and then send it to your Kindle again. Your amazon book library never goes away so you don't have to save your books to your computer (would take up way too much space).

Hope this helps. Buy the Kindle!!!!
(and let me know if you love it).