Friday, February 06, 2009

Photo Friday

Here are some pictures that made it onto Flickr this week but haven't been posted on the blog.

Monday- leaving the playground

Tuesday- before driving to swim class.
Kylie grabbed my running hat and put it on. I love the defiance in that one raised eyebrow of hers. It's like she's saying, "Do you really want to take this away from me when you want to get me in the car? Do you feel that lucky?

Thursday-playing with blocks.

And some scrapbook pages.
Christmas Eve

Christmas Day

Red Hat


Meg said...

I love all of the images you've posted, but especially the first one. The light on her hair and face is really beautiful.

Lynanne said...

Love the comment on the photo where Kylie is wearing the backwards hat. SO funny!

Beth said...

Your scrapbook pages are absolutely incredible... so creative and beautiful, each one!