Thursday, April 23, 2009

I am

I am.... still sick. I'm pretty sure that I'm over the cold. But now I am suffering from allergies. I still feel just as yucky and my voice keeps coming and going. Thankfully, Kylie is all better (just a few normal sniffles and coughs) and Karen's never gotten the cold.

I am.... cooking a few new recipes like:
Rachel Ray's White Pizza
Pioneer Woman's Steak sandwich
Kraft's Loaded Potato soup.
I also tried Rachel Ray's Buffalo Chicken Chili recipe but didn't like it.

I am.... listening to Matt Wertz "Under the Summer Sun", Queen Latifah's "Travelin' Light" and Tony Bennett and k.d.Lang's "Wonderful World".

I am... grateful for our new battery-operated, cordless lawn mower. I'm also grateful for craigslist where we were able to sell our old mower. And to Karen, who has done the mowing the past three times.

I am... pleased I can pull Kylie's side bangs into one barrette on top of her head. Her hair is now long enough to do this.

I am...still taking a picture a day. 113 days in and I haven't missed a day. Here are a few recents:

I am scrapbooking when I can:
Sound of your laugh


Duck pond

Quick trip to the zoo

I am... loving you, dear readers. Thanks for stopping by.


kiles1670 said...

Gorgeous pics as always, I hope you get well soon. take care

Beth said...

Her hair looks soo cute in the barrette. I love her little dress, too!

Great new scrapbook pages! You are so very creative. I'm sure that Kylie will LOVE looking back at all the pages as she gets older. :o)

Nada in Australia said...

That scrapbook page "sound of your laugh' is my favourite og them all. It's beautiful, well done.

MoonNStarMommy said...

Hi I'm a new reader!! I just wanted to say your daughter is ADORABLE!! I love the tulip farm photos, OMGosh tulips are one of my favorite flowers! I would be in heaven! LOL... I hope that you feel better soon!

Lynanne said...

I'm beyond impressed that you have kept going with the photograph a day project. Beautiful photos, as always.

We've been looking at cordless lawn mowers. We still don't have grass to mow yet. :) I'd be interested to hear what you/Karen think about it after you've used it for a while.

Feel better soon!

Unknown said...

Great pics :) I took so many more when mine was young and couldnt get away! I miss that!