Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Size What???

I took Kylie to the shoe store yesterday. Here's a picture of her new shoes.

Back in December, we had her sized. She was a 4 1/2. We bought the sweet pair of brown shoes that you saw in all those winter pictures. We also bought a pair of size five pink shoes because they were on sale.

I asked the shoe folks when we should bring her back and they said, "In the Spring".

At the first of March, she started wearing the size fives I had bought in December.

When I went to the store yesterday, I thought she would be a size 5 maybe a 5 1/2.


She was a SIX!

It took a while before the information sunk into my muddled, tired head. My conversation with the shoe sales clerk went something like this:

Me: She's a size WHAT?!
Her: A size six.
Me: Really?
Her: Really. She should wear either a size six medium or wide.
Her: Yes. Either medium or wide.
Me: But she's so tiny.
Her: (shrug)
Me: So she shouldn't wear these size five's anymore?
Her: Please don't put her feet in those five's.
Me: (Silently let all of this sink in.)

So I was freaked out because
A. Just how long have I been putting my sweet daughter's foot into a too-small shoe? Have I caused irreparable damage? Will her little toes curl under her feet because of me? Yikes! This is awful. And...

B. She's only been wearing those size fives for four weeks. They look brand new. And she has another pair of fives that she's only worn twice! What a waste.

C. (Somewhat less important). This sales clerk must think I am dense and the worse mom ever.

It was a lot to process. Poor Karen has had to listen to me say, "SIX!" for two days now.


Michelle said...

I can believe looking at how much height she gained in the past months too!

Ethan Barry's Momma said...

Don't beat yourself up over not knowing that Kylie's feet had grown that much. I take Ethan to Nordstrom (That's where I get his shoes.) every three months like clock work, and he still sometimes has outgrown his shoes already. I found out that he's a size 10 wide when I went two weeks ago. You haven't caused permanent damage or caused her pain. If the shoes had really been that small, she would have started tripping and falling all the time...They say that is a sign that the shoes are too small.

Hugs!! Congrats on another new stage. Oh and don't worry about the other shoes that are practically brand new. There are brand new clothes that I have never even had a chance to get Ethan into before he's out of them. That's just part of having a healthy, growing child.

Anabelle said...

I had the same thing happen to me this fall.. My daughter was wearing a size 6 sneaker forever... and then finally one morning told me her toes hurt... so i checked and sure enough they were all jammed up in her shoes. That afternoon we ran to the store to pick out some new Nike's, she was a size 7 1/2!! i felt horrible!

Anonymous said...

Oh Wendy, I did the same thing! I wonder if there is a template online to make a measuring thing... sure would make me feel better if I could check her foot from time to time.


Soupy said...

LOL! I hear ya! My girl is a size 8 and they suggested 9's for the summer! (gasp) - I feel your pain. our kids are growing TOO FAST!!!!!!!!!

LOVE the update post- your girl makes me smile! :) What a sweet pea!

Library Mary said...

Don't be so hard on yourself......I found a good rule of thumb when watching them grow out of shoes.

When they start to stumble a little (and not when they're tired or after you give them a stiff shot!!!)....but, like they're tripping on things, or looking like they caught their toe on something that really isn't there, then it's a pretty safe bet the shoes are too small.

Try it - you'll see.

Stacey said...

Wow, her feet are the same as Riley's then. We had the opposite experience where Riley's feet hardly grew over a long period of time.

Kerry Lynn said...

Um, if their feet go into the shoe I assume it fits.

I've never had them sized because I don't want to feel pressured to buy the shoes at that place.

traci said...

Honey, you are a good mommy. Her feet are fine. They're going to continue to be fine. You didn't do anything wrong. Stop worrying!

Lynanne said...

I did the same thing with Lil'K. He kept saying "Owie, right here. Owie, shoe." I thought his socks had bunched up or he had something in the shoe. Eventually, it dawned on me that he was complaining that the shoe was too tight/small. Duh!

I think it's time for another photo of Kylies cute little, size 6 piggies! :)

Kathleen said...

The same thing just happened to us. My 19 month old (who isn't growing so fast in any other part of her body) was a 5 in February. At the end of February, I bought some size 6 LL Bean rain boots for her to "grow into". They seemed tight, I blamed the LL Bean sizing. Then, on a whim, went into a Stride Rite at the end of March and she measured 6 1/2! I too was shocked. So, anyway, you aren't alone.

Beth said...

Your post inspired me to get Adam's feet measured again. My husband told me that his size 6shoes "fit" (since his feet got into them okay) so I took his word. Until I read your post... took him to Stride Rite and he's a size 7! I was shocked! Fortunately, they had a great sale going on so I got 3 pairs of shoes for about $70 -- great deal for Stride Rite! :o)