Tuesday, March 31, 2009


I've seen so many changes with Kylie recently.

Her capacity for imaginative play has really grown. For the past two weeks, she and the other kiddos have pretended to be horses during Gymboree class. There is a girl in class who pretends to be a dragon. This has really made an impression on Kylie. At home, she pretends to be a horse, feed a horse, run like a horse, etc. She's also likes to pretend to be a cat, a dog, and a dragon.

She can pretend that ordinary things are other things. For example, this may look like a small magna doodle. But to Kylie, it was a kite. (She looks a little disconcerted here in the picture that her kite is on the ground but trust me, she loved playing with her "kite".)

She's enjoying her small and large magna doodles more and more. She loves it when Momma K draws Elmo on it or when I trace her feet on it. She asks us to draw things like stars or circles all the time. It's hard to know which hand Kylie will prefer. Right now, she uses both her left and right equally.

She's grown more and more resistant to her sippy cups. She prefers drinking out of a "big girl cup".

This cup is from her toy set but it is her favorite.

And she loves drinking from a straw.

She's looking up at Momma K who came down to see what all the giggles were about. Kylie was blowing bubbles with her straw and she and I thought it was a hoot.

She LOVES to twirl. She loves to twirl 5 or 6 times, just enough to make herself a little dizzy and then fall to the ground. She's intentionally falling and rolling around a lot more. And she does those trust maneuvers all day long. You know where your little one goes all limp in your arms so that you have to pick them all the way up. She loves that. When one of us holds her she likes to either lean way back, like she's doing a backbend or have us spin her around.

Here are a few more pictures:
She held Elmo up and danced him around the kitchen floor. Elmo is wearing a pair of baby shoes. They are now Elmo's shoes.

Lugging around her toy food.

While I tilled up the dirt and sprinkled grass seed in our back yard, Kylie helped. With her spade.....and mop.

Of course, she wasn't too happy to leave. Can't you just hear the "NOOOOOOO". If you look closely, you can even see a tear.

Such a sweet doodlebug.

And here is a recently completed scrapbook page:


Kate said...

she is really turning into a big girl and no longer a baby. Sad and exciting at the same time.

Michelle said...

Shes getting so tall! Such a big girl these days!

2momswithaplan said...

Such a big girl! It's amazing how fast she is growing.

Anonymous said...

I can relate in SO many ways :)

I LOVE that picture of her lugging around her food. SUCH determination!

Kerry Lynn said...

Such awesome pictures.

Jackson's been doing the intentionally falling down thing too. Madison only does it if she sees him do it.

M&J drank out of big kid cups for the first time this past weekend and they did surprisingly well! My MIL gave it to them. I hadn't even thought of offering it to them because I didn't want to deal with the mess!

ajs4ever said...

What a big girl! She seems to change so much everytime I check in:) She looks like so much fun!

Lynanne said...

Absolutely awesome photos! The multitude of expressions cracked me up!

Can you send some of that green grass our way?