Friday, March 20, 2009

Cookie dough

Dang ya'll. It was warm enough for short sleeves. I had one on so Kylie wanted to wear some short-sleeves too. She spent an hour walking around and flapping her arms to feel the air on them.

Today we had fun with cookie dough. Oh, I wish these pictures had come out better. They came out of the camera just awful--blurry, bad focus, bad color. Just all around bad. I fixed them the best I could.

It's shame because we had lots of cookie dough fun.

Kylie got excited as I pinched off balls. She helped me mash them flat and place the cookie cutters. And then I tried to make a wild dash to wipe my hands (that stuff is greasy!) and take a few pictures. No wonder these came out blurry. Kylie's smiling and thinking I didn't see her sneak a bite. Hey kiddo, you're not fooling me! You've got some left on your chin!

She enjoyed mashing the cutters into the dough. She also liked holding the cutters up to her face scaring her poor Mommy to pieces.

And she loved scrapping away the excess and sneaking in bites.

Would you like to see it in vintage?

Finally, Kylie shook some red sprinkles on the cookies. Sprinkles were flying everywhere but we were having fun. When the red haze of sprinkles had settled, I took a few more shots. Kylie is showing me the red stuff on her hands.

Focus on baby:

Foucs on hand. Aahhh! It's coming to get you!!!!

I crack myself up. By the way, I thought the pre-made stuff tasted awful once it was baked. Next time, I'll take the time to make some dough from scratch.


Michelle said...

Love the vintage photo!

Ethan Barry's Momma said...

It looks like you had a lot of fun...It looked like Kylie especially liked the cookie cutters. I'll have to try that activity with Ethan too. Look at me, trying to steal all of your ideas. :)

Great pics despite greasy hands. I like the feel of the vintage photo too.

Soupy said...

OH! How fun! You are brave having her help :)
And the vintage option ROCKS! LOVE IT!

Jeni said...

I think the pictures still turned out great, and what better way to spend time in the kitchen than with a toddler and cookie dough?