Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Pictures of the day

I'm so grateful that I'm taking pictures every day. Karen was gone on business and such for eleven days. She returned home on Saturday. It's the longest stretch I've gone with just me and Kylie.

When I think about those eleven days as a large block of time, it seems like a blur. But then I look at my photos and remember capturing these moments.

2/24. Matching eyes.


2/27 I didn't take any one picture that I just loved on this day. But I had fun processing this one. I like the lights in her hair. And the way she is holding her hand is pure toddler (just try holding your hand like that and you'll see).

2/28 playing with pillowcases

3/1. Karen is home and Kylie is so happy! She flings herself from one parent to the other. And Karen and I swap the camera back and forth.

3/1. Easter hat, necklaces, bracelet and purse- all compliments of Kylie's aunt. Kylie loves her bling!

3/2. Kylie has a bad head cold and is pretty subdued. I took a few photos in between wiping her nose. It was partly rainy today and the light in our family room was low. But then all of a sudden the sun came out and I got this shot. I new it would be over-exposed but magical the moment I clicked.


Stacey said...

lovely pictures!

Dodie Sa said...

I'm loving this grown up version of Kylie! She really has changed! I'm on a reading Marathon of your blog - I can't believe I'm finished reading 2006, 2007 AND 2008!!! I'm in 2009 and around 120 posts to go before I get to see what Kylie looks like now! Great blog - I'm loving it! (even though I should be working =)