Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Toy Rotation, three sites and a question

I started a toy rotation plan for Kylie about a week ago. So far, I'm loving it.

Kylie has 21 toys and 14 puzzles on rotation. So each day, she gets three "new" toys and two puzzles.

She has some toys that sit out all the time because they are either her current favorites or they are too big to store away. Things like her toy food and kitchen, basketball hoop and balls, a handful of cars, stuffed animals, Ms. Potato Head, and toy piano.

The rest of her toys are put into pretty bins that sit on my office bookshelves. At the end of the day, I put away the day's three toys and get out tomorrow's. There is far less stuff sitting around. Kylie is more engaged with the day's toys and puzzles. And our deal is that if she asks for a toy that isn't out, she can certainly have it.

Of course, this system may crash and burn because, you know, she IS a toddler. But for now, it is working beautifully.

I have three newly found websites I would like to share:

  • If you love looking at lovely and original scrapbook pages, check out Gallery Standouts.

  • If you are looking for fun stuff to do with your toddler, check out No time for flashcards.

  • And if you are interested in some cool Bento lunch box ideas, visit Wendolonia. I serve Kylie her meals on kid trays but when I see Wendolonia's boxes, I want to do boxes instead.

    Lastly, here's a quick question for you: Fruit leather, have you given it to you toddler?

    Audra said...

    Bento boxes! That's how I pack my lunch :)

    Meg said...

    We give Thaya "fruit leather", but we call them fruit strips and they are much softer - we shop at Wegman's, and the store brand are relatively soft so it is easier for her to chew. She really doesn't care for the really tough ones.

    A friend of mine has a dehydrator and makes her own "leather". She loves it because she can watch how touch it gets and exactly what goes into it.

    Love the toy rotation idea. I may try that. And thanks for the links!

    Beth said...

    It's funny... my mom just mentioned the toy rotation idea to me today... think we'll have to do that... glad to see it can work! very cute photo, by the way.

    No fruit leather over here... Adam loves to eat fruit... it's hard to get meat, carbs, etc. in him.

    Thanks for the recommended websites, too. I'm going to check out the toddler one!

    Soupy said...

    LOVE the toy rotation idea! I've considered it, but I just need to DO IT! Love that girl- I've been keeping up, just not a lot of time to comment- she's so fun!

    Unknown said...

    I have followed your blog for a long time anyway enjoy coming here to see pictures of Kylie and play the "Whats on Kylie's window sill today game" anyway, I love to see what she has decided on and how she has arranged them. She is such a joy and so entertaining. You two are such great moms! Thanks for sharing!

    carissa... brown eyed fox said...

    that is a REALLY good idea... really good! hmmm thinking how i can work it!

    i have only found one "fruit" treat that i'll give... Clif brand... BUT... my word they are WAY to pricey!
    good thing my kiddos are crazy for fresh fruit! :)