Friday, April 10, 2009

Serious and textures

This past week, Kylie's Kindertune teacher and swim class teacher both commented to me how SERIOUS Kylie looks during class. I assured them that she loves the classes. It's not a mad face. It's a "thinking hard and taking this stuff seriously" face.

So I thought I would take a few pictures of what her serious face looks like. Here's she's at home, playing with play-doh making serious decisions about what color play-doh to use next.

Of course, she is curious, happy, playful, funny and loving as well.

I'm still hanging in with my 365 Picture a Day project. Yesterday, I only shot a few pictures and none of them were very interesting. So I had fun processing the heck out of this one. I added a texture to it. I just found textures for photos a few days ago. I'm trying to restrain myself from throwing textures on all my pictures just because I like the vintage effects. (the swimsuit photo I shared earlier this week had a texture to it too). If you want to explore textures for photos, check out this Flickr group, look at this tutorial.

Hopefully, we'll be attending an Easter Egg hunt with Kylie tomorrow. I hope it doesn't rain. Happy Easter everyone!


Ethan Barry's Momma said...

I absolutely love the texture on the cooking picture. You did a great job.

I'm an adult, and I still wear my emotions on my face. Perhaps Kylie will just be that kind of kid.

Soupy said...

Keifer gets a VERY serious look on her face when she is concentrating hard on her dancing :) so it's not just your K! :)
Love the pics!