Sunday, April 26, 2009

It's been a crazy week

There's been a lot of stress around Karen's job lately. On top of that, she got called away for a trip (leaving today) which changes our vacation plans. So there was a lot of scurrying around making travel plans, changing travel plans and so forth. You know, I think that children can feel stress and changes within the family, don't you?

So I wasn't that surprised when Kylie had a hard day on Saturday. Lots and lots of tears and hysterical crying. She skipped her nap that day and was inconsolable by late afternoon. She had a hard time getting to sleep that night (which is very unusual for her) and was again whiny and teary on Sunday morning. She hasn't eaten much this weekend which always concerns me.

But byy Sunday afternoon, she seemed a bit more like her regular self and we went to the park. You might remember that Kylie likes to pat trees. Well, she's added more trees to her patting route. She's now saying, "Hello trees" to the ones by the park sidewalk. There are over ten of them but she dutifully visits them all.

Lately, she's been climbing to the top of the slide but refusing to go down. She insists I clean it if it's wet (I carry around a hand towel to dry off wet swings and slides and such). Then she smirks and makes her way back down the stairs. This child loves to have things in order and loves to have me clean things up. Here she is after sending some mulch chips down the slide. This is the cute "no" smile I get when I say, "Go on down".

Karen was supposed to take the camera with her this week. I had the camera bag all packed up but then we forgot it. It's one more thing I'll have to carry on the plane but I don't mind when I can get pictures like these:

We moved Kylie's plastic play table outside. I brought some paper and crayons outside and she did some coloring. I noticed with a sinking sensation that she did all her coloring with her left hand. I've also noticed she does most of her eating with her left hand. I'm left-handed and I wouldn't wish it on her for anything. I've heard that kids can still switch hands but for now it looks like I've got a left-handed daughter.

Just a few more pictures to share. The other morning, the sun was pouring through the three windows in our front door. The light was doing that thing were you could see every molecule of dust floating in the air. Kylie kept reaching her hands out to touch the sun. She also liked going "under the sun" and "hugging the sun". These pictures are straight out of the camera. Oh, and the green blob is a sun flare (I hope). There isn't a green blob on my floors; I promise.

Here are a few recent scrapbook pages:
Right now

Sweet and silly

Now excuse me while I try to put my house back in order from the packing and toddler whirlwinds.


kn said...

Not that it's of any importance, but you can watch how she claps (the dominant hand will most likely be on top) and how she folds her hands (like for praying)(the thumb from the dominant hand will most likely be on top).
Lefties rule ;)

carissa... brown eyed fox said...

that first pic of Kylie... in the light steaming in... took my breathe away! it DID!
SUCH a great capture!

so sorry to hear about the change in your plans... especially the extra stress for Karen!
we are going through a good deal of it too... so in a way i can understand... it DOES stink! :)
i was JUST reminding myself to kick the "blahs" to the curb! there still is so much to be grateful for!

big hugs!!!!
and as usual... super pages!

Anonymous said...

what has been so bad about your experience as a left hander?

Kerry Lynn said...

I have a friend who is married to a leftie and their daughter is also. She doesn't like being a leftie either.

I just tried the hand folding thing. I had never heard of that. My left thumb was on top but I'm right handed. Although I do things that require pushing off your leg (kartwheels, high jump) with my left leg.

Madison did the SAME exact thing yesterday. VERY sensitive, wouldn't nap, terrible meltdowns all afternoon and I had to HOLD her to sleep last night. I was supposed to be at work but I had to stay home to deal with her because Chris has the patience of, well, someone with no patience.
This morning it was evident that she had a fever though. We had a similar sensitive day but with motrin at least she slept normally.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing so many sweet pics of your daughter. We have been TTC for a long time, following one miscarriage. Sometimes I feel like I can't take it anymore but then I come see your sweet stories and that precious little face and I know it will all be worth it in the end.