Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Hats and harmonicas

Kylie insisted that her tigger have a shirt, then a hat and then a purse. Then she put him on her bike, told him to buckle up and pushed him down the hall.
Then it was Kylie's turn to wear a hat and her other favorite fashion accessory- her oven mitt.

If Kylie's bangs and eyelashes look a little strange in the below photo, it is because she took a stick of chapstick and smeared big chunks of it over her face and hair. The funniest part of this picture was the action not seen in the frame. Our cat, Chloe, was very disturbed by all the noise Kylie was making with her harmonica. Kylie was bare-bottomed (we're potty training). The cat crept up on Kylie and goosed her with her cold, wet cat nose right on Kylie's bum. Kylie jumped a foot and then chased after the cat. The cat didn't mind. At least the infernal noise had stopped.

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Dodie Sa said...

I'm laughing out loud at the thought of the cat nosing her =) Too funny!