Monday, May 18, 2009

Memories and bubbles

While in Orlando, this was my view for 7 days.

And when I wasn't lounging by the pool, I was in our lovely room.

How can I sum up my Florida vacation? Sleep and rest. And more sleep and rest.

For several months before our vacation, I felt drained and droopy. Like my energy reserve tank was completely empty. I felt so over-extended. It seemed that for the past two years, I had pushed all the energy out in front of my body and wrapped it around Kylie. This was a good thing because it heightened my intuition and told me how to take care of her. But it was hard and I was depleted.

So on vacation, I rested and read and swam. And I concentrated on putting as much good energy into my body as I could. I drank more water than Diet Coke (shocker!) and ate lots of salads. I slept late and took naps. And I could feel my energy reserve fill back up. I kept telling myself that this vacation would have to last me at least a year or more, so I filled up on as much good vibes as I could. The biggest surprise to me was how I took a creative break as well as a vacation. I had all my digital scrapbook supplies and photos with me but I only scrapbooked one night. I disliked the scrapbook page I made and I didn't try again for the rest of the trip. Same with knitting. I took two projects with me. I worked a bit on one but ended up ripping it back twice and then putting it down as well. But the reading was awesome. I think I read seven books while I was there, including the new Sookie Stackhouse/Charlaine Harris book that I read in one day. I feel so lucky and incredibly grateful that we got to make this trip.

Meanwhile, Kylie was playing with Karen's Mom in TN. I called in every day to hear how Kylie was doing and Karen's sister Amy treated us with daily photographs of Kylie. Kylie missed her Mommies and became deeply attached to her Nanna. She had this wonderful treehouse in the backyard where she spent a great deal of time.

Kylie seemed so tall, so beautiful and so incredibly talkative when we returned to TN. She learned to pronounce the "l" in her name (she used to say "Ky-ee". She started eating potatoes (which she never had done for me). She is now fascinated with bugs (a lot more bugs in TN I think). She went through a brief bought of biting her nails. She learned the phrase, "You are so funny". Now we hear "Mommy is so funny" and "Kylie is so funny" at least once a day.

Two other random things I want to capture before I forget: On our trip out and back, we were up at 3:00am. Kylie had never been out at night before and she was fascinated with the darkness, the moon and the stars. And she made us laugh by quite sincerely asking, "Where are all the cars?" I guess it's only funny at 3:00am in the morning. Also, Karen and I laugh at how, on the flight home, we started chewing up large ice cubes and sharing the small pieces with Kylie. Feeding her ice chips was an hour-long diversion on the the flight (which was good) but now that I think about it, we must have looked like some strange regurgitation/spitting freaks.

But enough with the freakiness and remembrances and on with pictures of Kylie!

She learned to blow bubbles on Saturday.

She's quite proud of herself.

She also learned that it is fun to rub the bubble fluid on her face.

I think she does it just to see how many disapproving faces I can make before reaching for it all.

Which makes her roar "Nooooo" to the heavens.

I think my ears are still ringing.


Unknown said...

I havent gone to orlando is years...thanks for the nice memories!

looks sooooooooo wonderful

and the pics of kylie are adorable!


2momswithaplan said...

I have to say... I love orlando so much that I now live here! I'm happy to hear that you enjoyed your stay. Getting away from things is sometimes the best medicine!

It looks like Kylie had a great time in TN... loving the pics as always!

Next time you are in Orlando, please let me know and we'll meet for dinner!

Unknown said...

It's never a good idea to try to take care of others without taking care of yourself. Good for both of you to take some time so you can continue to be present and loving with your adorable daughter!

Also, bubble pictures are adorable and I want that treehouse!

Beth said...

Great post. Reminds me how much I need a vacation... you put it perfectly into words... it's been 2years since my husband and I have taken a "proper vacation" (just the 2 of us), too! Your trip sounded heavenly! Kylie, of course, is cuter than ever!! Love the treehouse pics!! :)

Jeni said...

Looks like a wonderful time for everyone, and Kylie is getting so big!