Saturday, May 30, 2009

Kindertune and more

Kylie had her last Kindertune class on Friday. This was a nine-week course offered by our Parks and Recs system. Kylie really enjoyed the class. We would start by coming together for "circle time" and the moms and teacher would sing a few familiar songs like, "Whenever we're together" and "Wheels on the Bus".

Here's my little drill sergeant at the start of class. "Excuse me folks. Our teacher says it is time to get started. Take your seats on the carpet please. Right here and just like me"

Then the Karolyn, the teacher, would read a few poems based on the theme of the day.

We would have a five-minute art project and then it was marching time.

Kylie LOVES to march. We would first march to music with pom pons.

And then march with musical instruments. Kylie did quite well with marching and drumming at the same time.

It was a wonderful class. I think I'll enroll her in something similar in the Fall.

Just a few other new things I want to capture and share.
  • Kylie's been asking for pepper on some of her vegetables. It took a whole day of her saying, "Paper, paper" during our meals for me to get that she wants Pepper. When I finally sprinkled some on her beans, she looked at me as if to say, "Finally!"
  • She likes to say "Vamanos! Let's go!" It cracks me up.
  • She's started the leg-clinging thing. If she doesn't want me to do something, like be in the kitchen, she'll cling to my leg to try to stop me.
  • I've started brushing her teeth with fluoride toothpaste. She's learned to spit and wants to brush her teeth more than twice a day just to see the "green spit".

    Here are a few more pictures:


    Soupy said...

    She is just such a joy to watch and read about- what a lovie. I so hope we can meet you guys someday- our girls will soooo be a hoot together :)

    Anonymous said...

    ah. can't get enough of those blond curls. she has so much life in those eyes.

    The Maven said...

    Could she possibly get any more beautiful? Every time I check in here I'm amazed by what a precious little girl you have. Maybe it's the 'mom to three boys' thing, but honestly - she's perfect!

    Heather said...

    I just found your blog, and OMG what a pretty little girl you have! She looks so happy, and the day at the zoo pictures are just priceless!