Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Potty training and more

Well the big news is that we've started potty training. On Monday we had four successes and five accidents- all in all a good start. Here's a picture that I took of Kylie that I think sums it up. It's like she's thinking, "Wow, I'm wearing underpants. I'm growing up. Wow."

Yesterday was horrendous. Eleven accidents and no successes. Puddles everywhere. Me, Kylie, the cats...everyone freaking the frak out. If I had any booze in my home, I probably would have drunk myself into a stupor. We managed to have a bit of fun at our park where I took these sweet photos before the dribbling mess drove us back home to the house of pee.

Today was better. We are back to 50/50 which I can handle without crying, pulling out my hair or slamming too many doors. We had swim class today which is always a treat. Kylie did the funniest thing though. She got overwhelmed with all the dunking in the water and at one point at starting screeching, "Read a book, Read a book!" at the top of her lungs. I'm giggling now as I write this. It was so dang funny hearing her shout her own made-up"safety" phrase.

The little munchkin is obsessed with going to the nearby water fountain which she calls "water mountain". These pics were taken with my Iphone which surprised and impressed me.

She likes to hold her arms like so and her hands like some goofy, toddler claws and then back into the spray of the fountain. Girlfriend is a hoot to watch. She also likes to throw grass into the water and watch it swirl around. I must hear "water mountain" 100 times a day.
I also hear lots of her songs throughout the day. Her current favorite is "Twinkle, twinkle". Although she knows the whole song, she sings the first two lines over and over. She'll sing the other lines if I prompt her. She knows "A-G" of the Alphabet Song and will sing the other letters correctly if I sing one and then let her sing one. We also sing duets of "Wheels on the Bus, Old McDonald, The Barney Love Song, and parts of Elmo's World".

One of Kylie's new routines is to sit on the bathroom vanity and drink sips of water from this cup while practicing saying the letters of her name over and over. Today, her bouncing Tigger got to join in on the fun and have a few sips too.

And here, we are ending our spelling session with high-fives for everyone.


Ethan Barry's Momma said...

What an awesome post, Wendy. I feel like I was there right along with you through it all.

We are potty training too...eek! I have taken the lead of the way Ethan's daycare does it, and we are having progressing success. We started taking him to the bathroom every 30 minutes...boy, was that a long weekend, and then have progressed from there. I now take him every 1- 1 1/2 hours. He still can't say when he has to go (We are really just catching him before he goes at this point.), and he is pooping in his pants as well (The joy...not!) But, I think that his bladder is starting to be trained since we have been able to extend the time. I think it may be a little slower process since he's a boy, but we are in our third week and haven't had any accidents (except poops) for at least a week. We just have to hang in there. I hope that Kylie continues to respond well to your methods.

Hugs to you all, and keep those pictures coming. I love them. Oh, I am getting ready to start a new blog...I didn't want to continue the old one, so I will let you know the address when I am "operational".

Unknown said...

whoa - potty training. that was like...a nightmare.

what eventually worked was...

my son liked stickers...I used a wipe box, put hundreds of little stickers in it and gave him a calender. he would sit on the toilet with his box of stickers and his calender... everytime he did something in the potty he could put a sticker on the date on the calender... when he didnt, he couldnt put any stickers on...

he trained himself that way. cause he could see days without stickers... and he liked putting them on AND seeing how many he had put on.

it kept me from being the bad potty monster...


Rhiann said...

I'm sooo glad you're back and we have some updated pictures of Kylie!

I missed your blog tremendously.

I have more to add about the potty learning but Allura is tugging on me to "go outside right this minute!" :-)

BTW~Allura calls fountains, mountains, too.

Nicole Elizabeth said...

I love it when she smiles

traci said...

The pictures are priceless! Sometimes potty training works better when it's child-led. I know I tried a few times and finally decided to let my girls lead the way. When they were ready, it happened in less than a day!

Nicole Elizabeth said...

Hi Wendy and Karen, I found your blog thorugh reading... And Baby Makes Four,Carolyn's Journey TTC,
Craving of Motherhood,
finding chaos,
Life As A Rainbow ,
Life in the Soupbowl,
Loving these twins,
Mommies to 3 Flowers,
and just wanted to say that it's really a joy reading all the milestones in your family, you and Wendy are AMAZEING mothers. It's been a joy reading and following this blog too.