Friday, February 19, 2010


After a week of being home due to the snow, we've had another 4 days of being at home because Kylie caught a cold.

The poor little bear has just felt awful. Her eyes are constantly teary and her nose is stuffed up and running at the same time. Fortunately, we found that Triaminic manages her symptoms better than Tylenol Cold which did nothing to help her.

Kylie has watched WAY more tv than normal. In this shot, she's brushing her hair with one of the little brushes that came with on of her Little Ponies in order to soothe herself. Poor little darling one.

As she's been sick, nothing has really suited her. Yesterday at 10am, I told Kylie I wanted to do some dinner prep for a new recipie. She, of course, wanted to come with me upstairs to the kitchen/dining area.

First she asked for a sticker project.
Then she wanted to water color.
Then she wanted some apple slices.
And a grilled cheese sandwich.
Then she wanted some milk.
No, not milk, water.
Then she wanted a napkin so she could clean her hands and go chase the cats.

One hour later and there is no dinner prep done. Just this new mess to clean up.

Life with Kylie sometimes reads like a Laura Numeroff book like, "If You Give a Moose a Muffin".

Wonderfully fun and full of messes.

But then there are sweet surprises like this one. We live in a two-story house. And it seems like I spend a great part of my day going up and down the stairs. But the good part of it, is that Kylie's toys stay downstairs in her room and in our family room and our upstairs stays relatively toy free. But lately, Kylie has wanted to carry a toy with her as she goes upstairs to eat. So I often find her toys "hidden" in sweet places around the table or in our bedroom.

After taking care of sick and tearful little Kylie all day, I really look forward to working out or scrapbooking pages like these:


Have a great weekend everyone!


Mary said...

You both are such fantastic mothers...and although it's totally NONE of my business, I find myself wondering if you will have siblings for Kylie. I realize it took some doing to get her, but you both are such fantastic parents it seems a shame not to share that love with more children.

Teaberry said...

Oh, poor thing with her cold! I remember Triaminic from when I was a kid-- orange flavored, I think. It was pretty tasty, as I recall!

Wendy and Karen said...

Hi Mary,

You are wonderful. I love reading comments like yours. It really brightens my day. With regards to siblings for Kylie, we've decided that she will be an only child. Just like I was and just like my mother was. We laugh and say that another child would probably kill us. We are happy devoting all our time, money, energy and love to our darling girl.

Clare said...

Yet more gorgeous pictures! Every morning one of my first tasks before work over here in the snowy, cold UK is to check out pictures of your beautiful girl. In a way it feels like it brings me closer, through the joy of parenthood, to my little boy who'e at home while I'm having to work. Thank you all for brightening my mornings! x