Monday, February 22, 2010

Attack the hair!

Over the weekend, I got my hair cut and colored. Good-bye dirty blonde hair with the blonde highlights! I got it colored the prettiest brunette. And I'm thrilled with it.

But Chloe, my white cat, was freaked out. When I sat on the couch to watch some tv at the end of the day, she launched a full-out attach on my head. First she sniffed it, then she licked it. Then she let loose a banshee cry and started swinging at it. Who knows if it smelled funny or if she just didn't like it.

Kylie is still sick with her cold. I'm grateful that she's so conscientious about keeping her nose clean. But she orders, "TISSUE!" like she's a queen commanding her subjects. Some of her energy came back yesterday and we went out onto the back porch for the first time in weeks. The snow has melted and frozen so much that Kylie can stand on it without sinking.
But as you can see in the background, everywhere we look we see huge piles of dirty snow. I really can't wait until Spring.


Soupy said...

I am LOL at the cat! omg! TOOO funny! Love the color- I admire dark hair (hence I color my hair auburn all the time :)

So good to hear K. is feeling better and I also have to LOL at her orders for tissues- sounds like a girl I know *wink*

Ahh, the dirty snow. I dread Spring and the puddles and MUD :(

Teaberry said...

Cats are hilarious, aren't they? Best pets ever!

I second the dirty snow annoyance. Our neighborhood looks like a mountain range of dirty, brown slugy snow. Can't wait until it's all gone... July, maybe?

Beth said...

Love the hair! =)

Did you see my email re: Adam's birthday party? Hope you all can make it!

Anonymous said...

Hello! I've decided it better to introduce myself rather than stalk your page silently. Please, go read the introduction I've put on my blog. Have a great day! -Mel

Louise said...

Fresh snow is the most beautiful thing but dirty snow piles are just an eyesore! The new hair color looks great. You are much braver than I. My hair color will probably never change.

Nada said...

Love the new colour Wendy! (different spelling of colour down here!)

I can't imagine all of that snow and for such a long time. I am rather jealous, but then again we always seem to want what we cant have don't we?

Dodie Sa said...

I DID IT! I read your ENTIRE blog from beginning to end. It only took me a whole week (and way too much work time).

Kylie is all grown up! It feels like just yesterday she was a baby!

OK, now I'm going to go do some of the work I should have been doing *lol*.

I look forward to continuing to read your blog everyday! Fabulous!