Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Just a few photos

Kylie at her My Gym class

I so enjoy Kylie's imagination. This was her princess scarf and Tigger was her prince.

Just look at all those tangles! Some mornings, I dread combing out Kylie's hair. Fortunately, she's a great sport about it. She plays with her plastic crocodile while I tame her hair into submission.

I'm so tired of the snow. But I thought these little bird tracks were sweet. I'm glad I tossed the birds some sunflower seeds yesterday.


Missi said...

ohhh she is so nice!!! My kid (5yrs old boy) has 1/3 of her tangles and always screams and cries when I try to comb his hair out. I should show him your daughter´s beautil hair and how peaceful she looks ready to be comb.

Adoption of Jane said...

Love the Pics!! Is that an OT (Occupational Therapy) room, or a kids playroom?

Love the Comb out of the Blond Fro.. she's a cutie!

Dee said...

Have you ever tried a sleep cap for her? One of our daughters has very curly hair like K and we use a sleep cap made from swim suit material. It has worked wonders. Let me know if you are interested in the info for ordering.

Teaberry said...

I love the birdie tracks! How cute!

Glad to hear Kylie is okay about getting her hair combed-- I used to hide when it was time for my mom to comb my hair!

Wendy and Karen said...

Hi Adoption of Jane,

The picture of Kylie hanging was taken from her My Gym class which is like a toddler's beginning gymnastics class. You can read all about them at

Hey Dee, send me the info on the sleep cap please. It sounds like it could really help!