Saturday, May 29, 2010

"I want to go to the beach!"

Whew! Four and a half days of unpacking like a wild woman and I'm pleased to report that every box has been unpacked and the house is in order. On Wednesday, Karen flew to TN. On Thursday, she spent the day with Kylie and her family. And on Friday, Karen and Kylie flew to our new home in Florida where I waited beaming like an idiot to show off my hard unpacking work.

It was amazing to see Kylie run from room to room and hear her little squeals of delight. She loved her big girl bed (she's in a full-sized bed now). She loves the glass-enclosed Florida room (which she has named her toy room). She loved it all.

And even after a day full of flying on an airplane and being a little tired from not having a nap, Kylie immediately wanted to see her beach. That's my girl!

Isn't that expression of delight simply marvelous!

After wading in to her waist and getting knocked flat by a wave, Kylie learned to stay in more shallow water by herself or to hold onto our hands if she wanted to wade in deeper.



It was awesome! I can't believe we live here!


Stay tuned for some pictures of the inside of our home.


Stiney said...

Welcome to Jacksonville!!! Ya'll moved at the perfect time to enjoy the beach all summer.

Beth said...

absolutely AMAZING!!!! wow, such a difference from NoVa, huh???

seriously, what could be better than living by the BEACH?!? So happy for you all!!! =)

Stacey said...

yay! glad you're having a great time at your new place. looking forward to new pics!

Louise said...

Your pictures say it all! Congratulations on a successful move!

Kerry Lynn said...

You look like you are in heaven! I can't wait to see pictures of the house!

Caroline said...

How awesome!!!

Hope you guys are enjoying your first holiday in your new home.